Footy great Jason Akermanis has questioned whether his wife’s recent breast cancer diagnosis was linked to her Covid vaccination.

Jason Akermanis : what happened to wife | Crypto

Akermanis was born in Mildura, Victoria to a Canadian father John Akermanis, and an Australian mother Shona Carswell, but moved to Brisbane at 9 years of age. Upon arriving in Queensland in 1986, Akermanis signed up to play for the Mayne under-10s side.

Jason Akermanis : what happened to wife | Crypto

When he was 13, Akermanis discovered that he was not the son of his mother’s former partner, John Akermanis. His biological father was Denis Dezdjek, a mechanic from Mildura who his mother had an affair with.

He was educated at Wavell State High School then at St. Joseph’s Nudgee College and played football with the Mayne Football Club in the QAFL where he was spotted by Brisbane Bears talent scouts.

He completed year 12 at high school in 1995, during his first year with the Brisbane Bears.

What happened to wife

Former AFL star Jason Akermanis is searching for answers after his usually healthy wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, leading him to speculate about a possible link with her having had the COVID jab.

He made the comment after revealing his wife Megan, 43, had a double mastectomy two weeks ago after doctors found a cancerous lump in her breast.

Jason Akermanis : what happened to wife | Crypto

“It happened straight after she had the COVID jab, and she felt a lump,” Akermanis, who is now a real estate agent, told the Herald Sun.

Akermanis did not offer any proof the vaccine caused the cancer. There is no scientific evidence pointing to a link between the two.

The three-time Brisbane Lions premiership player said the cancer was contained and had not spread, and his wife was recovering well. Megan will now undergo radiation therapy and in two to three months time a breast reconstruction.

“It was really quick but could have been worse,” Akermanis said, before praising his wife’s courage and her positive outlook.

Jason akermanis Crypto 

In the 11 years since he retired from AFL, ex-Brisbane Lions star Jason Akermanis hasn’t given up on fame and has since turned his attention to cryptocurrency.

Last Tuesday, a new Australian cryptocurrency called Zucoin launched, which Mr Akermanis has been marketing and he also owns a portion of the coins.

Jason Akermanis : what happened to wife | Crypto

He expects it to make in excess of $6 billion.

“It’s simply a much better product than bitcoin,” Mr Akermanis told, expecting it to rock the crypto world in coming months.

“The biggest problem in crypto – we call them the triennial problem. You’ve got cost, speed – it could take four minutes or four hours (to mine crypto) — and then you’ve got scalability.

“Zucoin solves every problem.

“The cost is a text message, the speed is an instant.”

Zucoin has been four years in the making and investors have spent $23 million to get it up and running.

Mr Akermanis, 44, says they’ve already made that money back in the week since the platform launched.

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