Zay Flowers had a sequence to forget at a pivotal moment in Sunday’s AFC championship game. Check out Zay Flowers fumble here.

Zay Flowers : Fumble | Taunting | Taunting penalty

Flowers was born to Willie Flowers and Jackie Walden on September 11, 2000. When Flowers was five years old, his mother passed away from a head injury.

Zay Flowers : Fumble | Taunting | Taunting penalty

The 11th of 14 children, Flowers grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and attended NSU University School.

While Flowers was in high school, his brother, Martin, was murdered. As a junior, he caught 48 passes for 631 yards and 10 touchdowns.

While at NSU, Flowers played wide receiver and cornerback, helping the team to back to back state semifinal appearances.

As a 3-star prospect, he ranked as the nation’s 135th receiver recruit and committed to play college football at Boston College.

Zay Flowers Fumble 

Baltimore Ravens rookie receiver Zay Flowers made a couple of major mistakes that cost his team points late in the AFC championship game Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The biggest came early in the fourth quarter with the Ravens down 17-7 when he reached the ball into the end zone, trying to score a touchdown that would have cut the deficit to three.

Instead, he fumbled as cornerback L’Jarius Sneed knocked the ball out of his hands inside the 1-yard line and the Chiefs recovered.

A few plays earlier, Flowers was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for taunting after he spun the ball while standing directly above Sneed, who tackled him following a 54-yard reception from Lamar Jackson.

The penalty on Flowers — one of many by the undisciplined Ravens throughout the game — backed up Baltimore 15 yards.

To add insult to injury (or perhaps injury to insult), Flowers suffered a cut on his hand when he punched the bench out of frustration immediately after the turnover.

Flowers was one of the NFL’s best rookie receivers in 2023, posting 858 yards and five touchdowns in 16 games while forming an instant rapport with Lamar Jackson, and he showed why with two terrific plays on Sunday. Unfortunately for Flowers, those plays likely won’t be what gets remembered from the game.

Flowers might instead find his name among the likes of Billy Cundiff, who infamously cost the Ravens with a missed field goal the last time Baltimore lost in the AFC championship. 

Zay Flowers taunting 

The Baltimore Ravens have struggled throughout the second half. However, Zay Flowers broke the internet for all the wrong reasons.

After being seen taunting, fumbling, and possibly injuring his hand on the bench, social media couldn’t help but lose its mind.

It all started with a taunting call. I’m not sure how controversial the call was. He’s clearly taunting the Kansas City Chiefs on this play. Even so, the taunting rule is pretty dumb. But it pushed the Ravens out of the red zone.

Baltimore has all but imploded and Flowers played a large part in that. Stephen A. Smith lost his mind too after the Ravens’ wide receiver fumbled the ball on the one-yard line. Just a disaster of a drive for the star rookie.

“Game Over. A taunting penalty by Flowers, followed by a fumble/touchback! Don’t get me started on the earlier penalties that led to KC scores.

Now stupidity by Clowney w/ roughing the passer. Ravens will lose due to LACK OF DISCIPLINE/MATURITY….barring a miracle.”

It’s not a great look overall. The Ravens just keep getting in their own way. It’s almost like they don’t want to advance to the Super Bowl or something. There’s still a chance but time is running short for this Baltimore team.

When it comes down to it, many are against the taunting call in the NFL. But since it’s a rule, it’s hard to defend Zay Flowers. Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals isn’t a fan of the taunting penalties.

Taunting penalty 

Joe Burrow is calling for change on the highest level after Zay Flowers was called for taunting during Sunday’s AFC Championship. He wants the No Fun League to allow for more fun.

Zay Flowers : Fumble | Taunting | Taunting penalty

Baltimore trailed Kansas City by 10 with under a minute left in the third quarter. Lamar Jackson went deep on first down and connected with his rookie pass-catcher over the middle for a 50-yard gain.

It put the Ravens firmly into the red zone, inside the 10-yard-line. Until it didn’t.

L’Jarius Sneed held onto Flowers’ leg after making the tackle and would not let go. The latter pushed the former off of him, spun the ball on the turf, and stood atop of the Chiefs defender.

He was flagged for taunting. As result of the penalty, Baltimore received a 15-yard penalty and was pushed back to the 25-yard-line.

 Although the officials had every right to call Zay Flowers for taunting by the rules, it was pretty weak that they called him for taunting.

There was no need to kill the momentum because one of the players showed some emotion. Especially when both sides were allowed to get a little bit feisty all afternoon.

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