Randy Orton has become one of the most-decorated wrestlers in WWE history at just 43 years old. Check out Randy Orton back injury here.

WWE Star Randy Orton May Never Wrestle Again.

Randal Keith Orton – popularly known by his name Randy Orton, is a Free Agent signed by WWE who is currently out of action due to a back injury.

The professional wrestler has not given fans any in-ring action since losing the WWE Tag Team Title Unification match with The Uso’s in May 2022.

He also underwent back surgery due to a severe back injury and has not had a televised appearance in a year.

Randy’s father, Bob Orton, recently provided a worrying update on the superstar’s return, and it’s pointing towards the star retiring forever.

While updating fans on the wrestler’s health, Bob revealed that doctors had told Randy not to make an in-ring return.

As reported by Times Now News, Bob Orton spoke to WrestleBinge’s legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter about Randy Orton’s health and comeback, saying, “He’s training, so we’ll see what happens. I don’t know if he feels like going back or he feels like he’s ready to go back. I think he might.

Then again, he’s pretty well taken care of, I don’t think he needs to and I think the doctors have told him not to. But Randy will do what Randy is gonna do.”

Randy Orton is a 14-time WWE Champion who worked with Matt Riddle and twice won the Raw Tag Team Championships.

WWE Star Randy Orton May Never Wrestle Again.

Nicknamed ‘The Viper’ – ever since commentators noticed him slithered around and stalking his victims like a snake, Randy’s injured has resulted in WWE missing one of its biggest names, as the Grand Slam Champion has wrestled the most matches on PPV in the company’s history.

Sportsworldzone wishes Randy Orton a speedy recovery.

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