Dana White slapped his wife during a physical altercation on New Year’s Eve, he confirmed to TMZ. Check out Why Dana White slap his wife ?

Why Dana White slap his wife ? Here’s the video.

The couple and their group were in a VIP area above the dance floor, and when Dana leaned over to say something to Anne.

Why Dana White slap his wife ? Here's the video.

She reacted by slapping him across the face. Dana immediately slapped her back in the face, before friends jumped in and pulled them apart — and it all played out in plain view of patrons down below.

Dana and Anne both seemed heavily intoxicated prior to the violence, and the video seems to bear that out, because things went from zero to 100 in an instant — seemingly for no reason. Further, we’re told the conflict was all over in less than a minute.

We spoke to Dana about the incident, and he admits he and Anne had been drinking heavily — but quickly adds that’s no excuse for him getting physical.

He told us, “You’ve heard me say for years, ‘There’s never ever an excuse for a guy to put his hands on a woman,’ and now here I am on TMZ talking about it.”

He says he’s embarrassed by this “horrible” incident, and he and Anne have apologized to each other also he says they’re “good,” but their biggest concern now is for their 3 kids … with whom they’ve already discussed the fight.

Check out video here :

Meanwhile, Anne tells TMZ Sports … “Dana and I have been married for almost 30 years. To say this is out of character for him is an understatement — nothing like this has ever happened before.

Unfortunately, we were both drinking too much on New Year’s Eve and things got out of control, on both sides.

We’ve talked this through as a family and apologized to each other. I just hope people will respect our privacy for the sake of our kids.”

UFC boss Dana White today issued a grovelling apology after a video emerged of him slapping his wife of 26 years in the face during an argument in a nightclub on New Year’s Eve.

Why Dana White slap his wife ? Here's the video.

White, 53, said there was ‘no excuse‘ for hitting his wife Anne, who he shares three children with, during their drink-fueled vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

The father-of-three said he was ’embarrassed’ by his behavior as scores of fans called for him to resign from his role as president of the UFC for slapping his wife.

White, who has an estimated worth of $500million after building the UFC up into a global money-spinning franchise, told TMZ during his apology: ‘You don’t put your hands on a woman, ever.’

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