If you’re a female aspiring to be a baseball player then the people below should give you inspiration, here’s the best female baseball player

Who is the best female baseball player in the world ?

There’s a good reason for this. Even the best women’s baseball players everywhere else have to treat the sport as a hobby.

But in Japan, the four-team Japan Women’s Baseball League gives many of Japan’s best a chance to play dozens more games a year than anyone else in the world.

That extra experience has paid off in international competitions. Japan has won the past five Women’s World Cups, stretching back to 2008.

And it’s reflected in our ranking of the top women players in the world, where Japan is well-represented.

The first organized team of women players is formed when Vassar College, then an all-women’s school, starts its first baseball team. The Vassar Resolutes’ uniform will consist of ankle-length dresses made of wool.

The team will be forced to disband in 1878 because of parents’ concerns over the safety of baseball for their daughters.

The San Francisco Giants hire Alyssa Nakken as an on-field coach, making her the first female to hold such a position in the history of the major leagues.

The Miami Marlins hire Kim Ng as their new general manager. A longtime executive, Ng becomes the first woman to serve as a GM in the major leagues.

Ayami Sato

Ayami Sato is a Japanese professional baseball pitcher for the Aichi Dione  in the Japan Women’s Baseball League.

She is also a starting pitcher for the Japan women’s national baseball team, which she has led to five World Cup medals.

Who is the best female baseball player in the world ?

Career highlights and awards
  • 2010 Women’s Baseball World Cup All-Star Starting Pitcher
  • 2014 WBSC Player of the Year
  • 2014 Women’s Baseball World Cup MVP
  • 2016 Women’s Baseball World Cup All-Star Starting Pitcher
  • 2016 Women’s Baseball World Cup MVP
  • 2018 Women’s Baseball World Cup MVP

Sato is considered by many to be the best female pitcher, and by some the best female baseball player, in the world.

She can throw close to 80 miles an hour. Her curveball was clocked at 2,583 revolutions per minute.

Sato has won five gold medals for her home country. She is the only women’s baseball player to have won three consecutive MVP awards.

In 2013, Sato made her debut in the Japan Women’s Baseball League with North Reia [ja]. She had a record of 6-10 with a 2.23 ERA in 29 starts and she led the league with 62 strikeouts as a rookie.

She was 11-9 with a save for North Reia in 2014 and led the loop with 66 whiffs. In 2015, she posted a 9-9, 2.43 record when moving to Hyogo Dione after North Reia became a development team. During 2016, she improved to 9-3, 2.17, leading the league in wins and ERA.

Who is the best female baseball player in the world ?

            Women’s Baseball World Cup                 
  2010 Venezuela Team
  2012 Canada Team
  2014 Japan Team
  2016 South Korea Team
  2018 USA Team

Sato led the league in strikeouts three out of the last four seasons, in wins for the past two, and has a 2.31 ERA over that period.

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