Virat Kohli has denounced the ‘absolute invasion’ of his privacy by a fan, who shot a video of his hotel room & put that in public domain.

Virat Kohli : Room video | Invasion of privacy | Airport

You are never away from the limelight if you are Virat Kohli. Your every action on the field, no matter how inconsequential it may seem, is monitored, scrutinised, talked about and examined in detail.

Virat Kohli : Room video | Invasion of privacy | Airport

But what if the same sceptic eyeballs chase you to your hotel room and share the details on social media? Where do you draw the line between hero-worshipping and unacceptable intrusion?

Kohli was left fuming, ‘paranoid’ by the ‘appalling’ video that ‘fans’, who were later found out to be associated with the Crown Resorts, the hotel where the Indian team was staying in Perth and were fired for their behaviour, captured and shared it on social media.

Virat Kohli room video 

Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli says he is “paranoid about his privacy” after a stranger filmed inside his Australian hotel room.

The 33-year-old batsman on Monday denounced the person who shot the video that appeared online, in which the invader walks through the Perth hotel room filming every step of the way.

A second person was in the room when the video that was labelled “King Kohli’s Hotel Room” was shot, but no faces are shown in the footage.

“I understand that fans get very happy and excited seeing their favourite players and get excited to meet them and I’ve always appreciated that,” Kohli wrote to his 221 million followers on Instagram.

The India cricket team stayed at the Crown Perth hotel earlier this month as they prepared for the T20 World Cup in Australia.

“If I cannot have privacy in my own hotel room, then where can I really expect any personal space at all??” asked Kohli.

“I’m NOT okay with this kind of fanaticism and absolute invasion of privacy. Please respect people’s privacy and not treat them as a commodity for entertainment.”

Crown Resorts apologised and said immediate action had been taken.

Virat Kohli Invasion of privacy 

Virat Kohli has been left fuming after a disturbing security breach saw a fanatical fan sneak into his hotel room and film a video.

The Indian cricket superstar took to Instagram to voice his disgust calling the intrusive act ‘appalling’ and ‘an absolute invasion of privacy’.

Virat Kohli : Room video | Invasion of privacy | Airport

He shared the clip and admitted ‘It’s made me feel very paranoid’ about his safety as he takes part in the T20 World Cup in Australia.

The incident comes just days after the Indian cricket team complained about some of the food being served to players during the tournament.

The video, which has no sound, shows a close-up view of Kohli’s personal items laid out on a table next to his made hotel bed.

The camera pans the neatly arranged room, showing several pairs of shoes lined up against a wall and a suitcase packed with batsman’s uniforms before zooming in on his toiletries, medicines and supplements. 

The sticky-beak peers into the immaculate bathroom and then opens the mirrored cupboard door but shuts it quickly once seeing the only things inside are a standard hotel-issue iron and safe.


Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, one of the most adorable and powerful couples who are often taken as an as example for couple goals were spotted at the Mumbai airport.

Virat Kohli : Room video | Invasion of privacy | Airport

The fans of the couple always wait for latest updates and picture of them and paparazzi’s never disappoint their followers.

One such video of the couple is being surfaced around the social media now after they were spotted at the Mumbai airport.

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