World heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has a meltdown during an interview with a popular YouTube star, telling him to ‘kiss my b***s’

Tyson Fury : Sweet caroline | True geordie | Song

Fury was stripped of his IBF title 10 days after the Klitschko bout as he was unable to grant a fight with the IBF’s mandatory challenger, Vyacheslav Glazkov, due to a rematch clause in his contract with Klitschko.

Tyson Fury : Sweet caroline | True geordie | Song

The rematch did not materialise as Fury had mental health issues leading to alcoholism, recreational drug use and extreme weight gain.

He was also charged with anti-doping violations. In 2016, he vacated the WBA, WBO and IBO titles; The Ring stripped him of his last remaining title in early 2018.

Later that year, after more than two years of inactivity, Fury challenged for the WBC heavyweight title against Wilder. The fight was controversially scored as a draw.

Fury’s strong performance against Wilder (including recovering from a heavy knockdown in the final round) earned him Comeback of the Year from The Ring and numerous other awards.

Tyson Fury Sweet caroline 

The boxer Tyson Fury is set to release his debut single to raise money for the men’s mental health charity Talk Club.

The two-times world heavyweight champion has covered Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, with the song slated for release next month.

The track was chosen thanks to its status as a fan favourite at many UK sporting events, with Fury saying he feels a particular connection to the track. “Sweet Caroline is a record I’ve always loved and I’m excited to record and release it,” the 34-year-old said.

“And thanks to the folks over at Warner Music, they’ve given me the opportunity to do that, and what better time to release it than around the World Cup!

“I’m also proud to be partnering with the team at Talk Club who do such amazing work. It’s a great opportunity for me to give something back to mental health and hopefully continue to raise awareness for a cause that’s really close to my heart, and if it helps England along the way in the World Cup, well that’s an added bonus.”

Fury has previously spoken openly about his struggles with his mental health and 100% of Warner Music UK’s profits from the single, including 100% of Fury’s earnings from the release, will be donated to Talk Club.

Tyson Fury True geordie 

Tyson Fury abruptly left an interview with True Geordie after being questioned about his upcoming fight with Derek Chisora.

The self-proclaimed ‘Gyspy King’ will defend his WBC heavyweight championship against Chisora at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on December 3.

Tyson Fury : Sweet caroline | True geordie | Song

Fury has beaten Chisora twice already, with fans not thrilled by the idea of a trilogy bout.

Earlier this year, Fury was eager to square off with Anthony Joshua but negotiations fell through. True Geordie, real name Brian Davis, told Fury he would rather see him face other contenders in the division on the latest edition of the True Geordie Podcast.

Fury declared: “I can’t let you, who’s probably never had a fight in your life, run Chisora down who’s fought everybody. I cannot let that happen.”

At the end of the interview, with emotions high, True Geordie thanked Fury for taking time out of his day to appear on the show.

The 34-year-old, while trying to disconnect from the call, said: “I think you’re a tosser. You little tosspot. And I won’t be doing any more interviews with you little tosspot, bearded, bald-headed tosser. Kiss my b**ls, you little w**ker. You little sh**house. Suck a d**k.”


Good times have never seemed so good for Tyson Fury as he completed a second world title defence against Dillian Whyte earlier this year – stretching his unbeaten run to 33 fights.

Over the course of his career The Gypsy King has developed a reputation for singing at the end of his fights and he will now be taking further steps into the world of music by releasing a version of the popular 1969 hit Sweet Caroline.

Tyson Fury : Sweet caroline | True geordie | Song

Tyson Fury is releasing a version of Sweet Caroline in aid of raising money for a mental health charity.

All proceeds from the track will go to Talk Club, a men’s mental health charity that offers a variety of support networks to help people such as: talking groups, sports groups and other therapy.

Talk Club is based all over the UK and there are a number of different groups situated throughout the country the website offers a page where you can find information about your nearest Talk Club.

However, the service it provides doesn’t stop there and you also get access to a 24/7 support network who you can speak to online.

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