Tom Brady originally retired after the 2021 season, but came out of retirement just a few months later when he said he “still on the field.”

Tom Brady : Retire | Workout routine | Weight lifting

Brady holds nearly every major quarterback record, including passing yards, completions, touchdown passes, and games started.

Tom Brady : Retire | Workout routine | Weight lifting

Personal information
Born: August 3, 1977 (age 45)
San Mateo, California
            Height:             6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight: 225 lb (102 kg)

Never having a losing season, he is the NFL leader in career quarterback wins, quarterback regular season wins, quarterback playoff wins, and Super Bowl MVP awards, as well as the only Super Bowl MVP for two different franchises.

Additional accolades held by Brady include the most Pro Bowl selections and the first unanimous NFL MVP.

The only quarterback to win a Super Bowl in three separate decades, Brady has also been noted for the longevity of his success.

He is the oldest NFL MVP at age 40, the oldest Super Bowl MVP at age 43, and the oldest quarterback selected to the Pro Bowl at age 44.

Brady is the only NFL quarterback named to two all-decade teams (2000s and 2010s)[9] and was unanimously named to the 100th Anniversary All-Time Team in 2019.

Tom Brady Retire 

Tom Brady already has come out of retirement once, but the new season reportedly is expected to be the seven-time Super Bowl winner’s final year in the NFL.

Tom Brady : Retire | Workout routine | Weight lifting

With Brady and the Buccaneers slated to face the Cowboys on Sunday night in Dallas, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport cited sources with knowledge of the quarterback’s thinking and reported that “the understanding” is that “the end is coming.”

The 45-year-old Brady, who took a secretive 11-day break during training camp, has not stated his intention to officially retire since returning.

“I think we’re all getting one day older at a time,” Brady said earlier this week. “We’re all not sure whether we’re going to be here next year or not, that’s the reality for every player, every coach, every parent. You just never know. We should all take advantage of the opportunity that we have.”

Workout routine 

While some may say the proof is in the pudding (the pudding being Tom Brady’s body, in this instance), others suggest that the TB12 diet isn’t necessarily backed by hard science.

Some will also argue that the diet is way too restrictive to maintain for extended periods of time. To which Brady himself might respond, “That’s what cheat meals are for.”

Tom Brady : Retire | Workout routine | Weight lifting

Critiques aside, Tom Brady’s diet plan appears to work for him and it could very well work for you, too. Here are some basic tenets of the program:

  • consume organic, locally grown, seasonal, whole foods as much as possible
  • try to avoid processed foods, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, caffeine, monosodium glutamate (MSG), alcohol, iodized salt, dairy, nightshade vegetables, most oils, and most foods containing soy, GMOs, or gluten
  • don’t combine fruit with other foods
  • don’t combine high-protein foods (meat, fish, etc) with carb-heavy foods (brown rice, bread, etc)
  • drink half your body weight’s worth of water per day, but avoid drinking water during or around meals
  • try to time your meals and avoid eating within three hours of going to bed

As you can see, Tom Brady’s diet asks you to pay very careful attention to what you put into your body. It may even seem so restrictive that you’re wondering what foods remain.

Weight lifting 

Tom Brady lifted weights throughout college and into the early years of his NFL career. In his book, The TB12 Method, he tells the full story of how he realized traditional weight training was leaving him more sore than he wanted to be. “Most of the time, my workouts left me hurting,” he wrote.

Athletes in the NFL, faster and stronger than ever, also seem to be getting steadily injured. (Concussions, of course, but in this case bodily injuries, like ACL and MCL tears.)

Tom Brady : Retire | Workout routine | Weight lifting

Warner, who played into his late 30s, arrived in the league a few years before Brady, but the careers of their teammates have been mostly succinct.

Because Warner, by litigating the relationship between strength training and on the field injuries, re-voices a historic concern about how weight training might adversely affect athletes.

But Half a century ago, coaches “didn’t want a running back — or any skill-position players for that matter — that was muscle-bound,” according to Ara Parseghian, Notre Dame’s head coach from 1964 to 1974.

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