Many other NBA records can be engraved in Springfield at the Basketball Hall of Fame. Here are some most unbreakable records in NBA history.

The 10 most unbreakable records in NBA history.

They say records are made to be broken, and while that’s a nice, ambitious saying, it’s not true.

The 10 most unbreakable records in NBA history.

Some NBA records are sure to stand the test of time just due to the changing landscape of the NBA.

Take the lowest-scoring game in NBA history, which finished 19-18 in 1950 (a Fort Wayne Pistons win over the Minneapolis Lakers). No game will come close to that level of futility again, since that game took place before the shot clock.

These are the NBA records that will never be broken.

  • 20 Free Throws Missed Without a Make

During the NBA’s second season in 1947-48, Giff Roux of the St. Louis Bombers was sent to the line 20 times. And he missed all 20.

Roux’s Bombers lost to the Knicks by just four points, so leaving 20 points on the board affected the outcome.

Roux was a 51.1 percent career shooter from the line, and the next most free-throw misses without a make is Shaq’s 11.

  • 30 Assists in a Game

On Dec. 30, 1990, Skiles broke Kevin Porter’s 12-year-old record by one assist. Skiles provided most of the offense as the Magic scored a franchise-high of 155 points in a win over Denver.

Skiles also had 22 points in the game so it wasn’t like he was looking pass-first, second and third.

His 30 assists were two more than all of the other players had in the game. Both Denver and the other Magic players had 28 assists combined, 14 assists for each side.

  • 7 Personal Fouls in a Game

This record may have cost someone his job because in Cal Bowdler’s fifth career NBA game, he recorded an implausible seven personal fouls.

Yes, a player fouls out after six fouls in the NBA, but the scorekeeper for Bowdler’s game miscounted his number of fouls throughout the game.

It wasn’t until after the game was over that he noticed that Bowdler had picked up his sixth foul and kept playing before fouling out (again) on his seventh foul.

  • 118 50-Point Games

So many Wilt Chamberlain records are related to scoring, but this mark is more unreachable than even his 100-point game.

The 10 most unbreakable records in NBA history.

Chamberlain had 118 50-point games, which is nearly four times as many as the player with the second most (Michael Jordan, 31).

Wilt the Stilt actually had more 50-point games in one season (45 in 1961-62) than any other player has had in their entire career. 

  • 1 Quadruple-Double

Seeing as there have been just four of these in NBA history, and all by different players, it’s safe to say that no one is going to break this record and record two quadruple-doubles.

What makes a quadruple-double so tough is getting at least 10 of one of the defensive statistics.

You can chase stats in terms of points, rebounds and assists, but chasing after blocks and steals is much harder.

  • 11 NBA Championships Won as a Player

Tom Brady leads all NFL players with six Super Bowl rings, and Yogi Berra leads all MLB players with 10 World Series rings.

But Bill Russell tops both of them with 11 NBA championships in his 13 NBA seasons.

The 10 most unbreakable records in NBA history.

The NBA had a much different landscape in the 1950s and ’60s, which helped Russell and the Celtics.

Teams only had to win two series to win the championship until the 1965-66 season when it became three series.

  • 37 Points in a Quarter

The record for most points in a quarter increased incrementally over the years as it went from 31 (Wilt Chamberlain in 1962) to 32 (David Thompson in 1978) to 33 (George Gervin in 1978 and Carmelo Anthony in 2008).

But Klay Thompson just kicked down the door and leapfrogged all of them.

In the third quarter of a 126-101 Golden State Warriors win over the Sacramento Kings on Jan. 23, 2015, Thompson scored 37 points (of the team’s 41) on a perfect 13-for-13 shooting. 

  • 88 Games Played in a Season

Just reaching 82 games played in a season is cause for celebration in today’s NBA, but Hall of Famer Walt Bellamy had fortuitous timing to play in 88 games during the 1968-69 season.

Obviously, Bellamy didn’t play in that many games with one team — a midseason trade enabled him to reach that total.

The 10 most unbreakable records in NBA history.

He played in each of the Knicks’ first 35 games of the season and was then traded to the Detroit Pistons, who had only played 29 team games when he joined them.

That difference of six enabled Bellamy to add six games to his schedule and reach 88 total.

  • Fastest Disqualification Due to Personal Fouls — 2 Minutes, 43 Seconds

Bubba Wells played 39 games in his entire NBA career, but one of those 39 makes him infamous.

Wells was instructed by Mavericks coach Don Nelson to essentially employ the Hack-a-Shaq strategy on the Bulls’ Dennis Rodman and foul him every chance he got.

Thus, Wells lasted all of two minutes and 43 seconds before picking up his sixth foul and being disqualified.

The plan also backfired on the Mavs as Rodman, a career 58 percent free-throw shooter, knocked down 9-of-12 free throws (75 percent).

  • 107 Points in a Half by a Team

The 1990-91 Phoenix Suns were the fourth-highest scoring team in the NBA and averaged 114 points per game. But on Nov. 10, 1990, they nearly reached that average in the first half alone, scoring a record 107 points against the Denver Nuggets, who allowed the most points per game.

The Suns scored 50 points in the first quarter and then somehow topped that with a staggering 57 points in the second. They led 107-67 at halftime, and the game wasn’t even as close as the score indicated.

The Nuggets clipped the deficit slightly in the second half as Phoenix scored just 66 points after the break and won the game 173-143.

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