Sue Baker died on November 14 at the age of 67 after losing a prolonged battle with Motor Neuron Disease (MND). Check out her cause of death.

Sue Baker : Cause of death | What happened to 

Sue Baker was a household name among Top Gear viewers. She was one of the original Top Gear presenters, joining the show in 1980 and remaining as a broadcaster, writer, presenter, and editor until 1991, appearing in over 100 episodes.

Sue Baker : Cause of death | what happened to

Sue Baker was a pioneer in paving the way for women in racing sports. She joined Top Gear on the BBC in its previous format and appeared in approximately 22 series, primarily reviewing new cars and providing road safety and consumer advice.

Baker continued her career as a motoring journalist after leaving the show in 1991, establishing and running the Motor Racing News Service at the Kent motor racing track Brands Hatch.

She was also The Observer’s motoring editor for nearly 13 years before retiring in 1995, in addition to freelancing as a writer for Saga Magazine.

Sue baker cause of death 

Baker died on November 14 at the age of 67 after losing a prolonged battle with Motor Neuron Disease (MND). Sue died at home, surrounded by family and friends, according to a spokesperson.

Sue Baker : Cause of death | what happened to

Sue’s family issued a statement following her death, praising her accomplishments as a talented writer and producer who was admired by all. The statement said:

“She was talented and prolific writer, a charismatic presenter, and a passionate animal lover who was admired and respected by all who knew her.”

Motor Neuron Disease (MND) is a rare condition that gradually affects various parts of the nervous system, including the brain.

MND has no known cure, but there are treatments available to help reduce the impact of its symptoms on daily life.

Symptoms of the disease may appear gradually and may be subtle at first. They include ankle and leg weakness, slurred speech, a weakened grip, muscle cramps, and so on.

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Aberdeen, signs of MND can be seen in individuals nearly 14 years before symptoms appear.

Sue Baker : Cause of death | what happened to

According to the study, a specific type of protein that causes MND can be found in the gut, years before it affects the brain and body. Doctors were also able to develop a gene therapy that could reverse patients’ muscle weakness.

What happened to 

Sue Baker, one of the original presenters of the BBC’s Top Gear television show, has died aged 67 after a fight with motor neurone disease (MND).

Baker predated Top Gear’s popular 2002 reboot, making her debut on the fourth season of the British motoring TV series in 1980, appearing in more than 100 episodes and departing the show in 1991.

For much of her time on Top Gear, Baker also helped helm the British Sunday paper, The Observer, as motoring editor from 1982 to 1995.

Elsewhere, the passionate motoring scribe helped establish and operate the Motor Racing News Service, based at Brand’s Hatch in Kent, and enjoyed an enduring freelance career spanning decades.

Sue Baker : Cause of death | what happened to

More recently, after first gaining a chair at the Guild of Motoring Writers in 1978, Sue Baker was elected Guild Vice President in 2014.

“Sue was a pioneer for women in automotive journalism”, reads a statement from the Guild.

Baker’s family said: “It is with great sadness that we share the news of Sue’s passing. A doting mother to Ian and Hannah, a loving grandmother to Tom and George, and a wonderful mother-in-law to Lucy.

She passed at home this morning with family around her.

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