The remarkable story of Steeve Ho You Fat, who’s helping Victor Wembanyama reach new heights. Check out his Real name and jersey.

Steve Ho You Fat : Real name | Name origin | Jersey

Steeve Ho You Fat is a French professional basketball player who plays for Metropolitans 92 in LNB Pro A.

Steve Ho You Fat : Real name | Name origin | Jersey

Personal information
Born June 12, 1988 (age 34)
Cayenne, French Guiana     
Nationality French
      Listed height       202 cm (6 ft 8 in)
Listed weight 90 kg (198 lb)

He was born in French Guiana, where the Ho You Fat’s family business controls shipping at the port of Cayenne; his paternal ancestry is from China.

Ho You Fat began his basketball career with Cholet Basketball in 2008. After an exhibition game against the G League Ignite in 2022, Ho You Fat went viral due to his last name, which resembles an insulting slang phrase in English.

Ho you fat Real name 

Steeve Ho You Fat – A Real Name – Is The Only Man In The World Who Could Steal The Show From Victor Wembanyama vs Scoot Henderson.

All eyes in the basketball world are on Victor vs Scoot tonight. Makes sense, Victor is the best prospect the NBA Draft has seen in years.

Steve Ho You Fat : Real name | Name origin | Jersey

Scoot is a pretty damn good No. 2 prospect. But they don’t have the ‘it’ factor. The it factor being named Steeve Ho You Fat. Everything about it is perfect.

The extra e in Steve. The fact he’s a 34 year old playing with Victor. The fact he’s a power forward, it all checks out. Steeve Ho You Fat is everything he should be.

He’s perfect. He’s the guy I want in the NBA, even as a 34-year old. Not Victor. Not Scoot. Well, they can be there too. But I need Steeve Ho You Fat dapping up Adam Silver in June. 

Name origin 

An unforgettable name stole the show in Tuesday’s exhibition game between the G League Ignite and Metropolitans 92.

Steeve Ho You Fat, a 34-year-old French forward for the Metropolitans 92, had the internet buzzing over his moniker.

Even the broadcasters calling the game in Las Vegas shared a laugh while pronouncing his last name.

Steve Ho You Fat : Real name | Name origin | Jersey

“Ho You Fat with the three,” one of the broadcasters said in the fourth quarter. “Yes, I just said that. That’s that man’s name. Don’t tweet at me.”

He is a 6-foot-8 Cayenne, French Guiana native, scored six points on 3-for-4 shooting from the field in 17 minutes of play for the Metropolitans 92.

Ho Yo Fat is in his second season with the Metros — which is a team that plays in France’s top-tier pro basketball league LNB Pro A — and is averaging 2.7 points per game this season.


It’s palpable, the instant when a legend lives up to its lore. When a 7-foot-3 French phenom — the most heralded international basketball prospect since Yao Ming two decades earlier — crosses the ocean and rains 3-pointers before 200 NBA scouts and the entire basketball world.

To do so, Victor Wembanyama, the gargantuan 18-year-old widely presumed to be the No. 1 pick in next June’s draft, overcame a slow start in Tuesday night’s exhibition against the G League Ignite. His seven triples and five blocks would have marked a final line achieved only once in NBA history.

Steve Ho You Fat : Real name | Name origin | Jersey

Such a turnaround may have been sparked by the sage wisdom of a 6-foot-8 veteran teammate as much as Wembanyama’s otherworldly gifts. While the interwebs erupted at the last name above his No. 15 Metropolitans 92 jersey, Steeve Ho You Fat believes he whispered the secret that spurred Wembanyama’s second-half eruption.

“Victor was in trouble because every pick-and-roll he was going to the paint and it was tough for him,” Ho You Fat told Yahoo Sports. “I said to him, ‘Stop doing that. Because they wait for you. You gotta pop out. Pop out. Stay at the 3-point line, and they gonna be in trouble.’

“It took one, two minutes to appear. But when he understood that, he was magic.”

Overseeing the transatlantic import of the next great international basketball prodigy has come natural to the 34-year-old, 14-year veteran. Ho You Fat descends from a line of logistics men who lorded over the largest port in French Guiana.

His grandfather, Jean, arrived in the country by way of China, searching for greater opportunity. There was no ship that arrived on the shores of Cayenne without permission from the Ho You Fat company.

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