Ronnie Radford, who has died aged 79, will forever be remembered for his thunderbolt against Newcastle United in the 1972 FA Cup.

Ronnie radford : Fa cup goal | Goal against newcastle

FA Cup legend Ronnie Radford – known for his iconic goal for Hereford United against Newcastle in 1972 – has died at the age of 79. 

Ronnie radford : Fa cup goal | Goal against newcastle

His death has been confirmed by his former club Hereford, who announced the news with a statement on their official website.

‘We are devastated to hear of Ronnie’s passing, and wish to extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends at this very sad time,’ it read.

‘Ronnie is not just a part of Hereford United folklore, he is a part of football history and has kept Hereford on the football map since 1972.

‘His mild manner, and friendly and modest approach to life epitomised the man he was and he was always delighted to visit Edgar Street, to meet up with past teammates and watch the present day team in action.

Ronnie Radford fa cup goal 

Words from John Motson.

There are three outstanding goals from my commentary career and the first one is Ronnie Radford for Hereford United in the FA Cup against Newcastle in 1972. 

The story behind that is I was sent for a cup replay which everybody thought would be a formality for Newcastle and, with the score 1-0 to Newcastle with five minutes to go, that’s how it looked.

That would have been a 2 minute wrap up at the end of Match of the Day if things had of stayed that way.

Malcolm Macdonald had scored for Newcastle and then Ronnie Radford – who at the time was a part time player – hit this shot from 40 yards out of the mud before a packed crowd and it flew into the top corner and levelled the score at 1-1.

The winning goal in extra-time was scored by a guy called Ricky George who happened to be a personal friend of mine.

Ronnie radford : Fa cup goal | Goal against newcastle

It was reported that 10 million people watched match of the day that night. It truly was one of the most memorable days of my life, which really changed my career and a new BBC contract. If Ronnie hadn’t have scored that goal I don’t know if my career would have ever gotten off the ground.

Goal against newcastle 

Radford’s goal is sometimes incorrectly attributed as the winning goal; indeed the match actually went to extra time.

It was substitute Ricky George who got the winner and wrote his name in the history books alongside Radford, as Hereford held out for an incredible 2–1 victory which is generally considered the greatest FA Cup shock of all time. 

The BBC quickly switched the match to the feature slot on Match of the Day, and Radford’s goal was replayed countless times and was eventually voted Goal of the Season. Also it was the first goal from the FA Cup to win the Goal of the Season competition.

For many years the footage of Radford’s wonder goal, coupled with the commentary of John Motson, was part of the Match of the Day opening titles and it arguably launched Motson’s career.

Described as the FA Cup’s greatest ever giant killing Motson believed because of this game he was later given a three-year deal.

Ronnie radford : Fa cup goal | Goal against newcastle

Motson also believed if Radford had never scored his famous goal he would never have had a TV commentary career.

Motson’s commentary on the Radford goal:

“Oh what a goal! Radford the scorer. Ronnie Radford! And the crowd are on the pitch. What a tremendous shot by Ronnie Radford”.

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