A Federer tribute video is playing on the big screen. Federer, still overcome by emotion, looks up from the court. Check out his last match .

Roger Federer : Last match | Nadal | Farewell | Cow

After 20 major titles and a host of iconic moments, tennis legend Roger Federer is stepping away from the sport.

But he’s going out with a bang: he will take part in the 2022 Laver Cup alongside longtime friend and adversary Rafael Nadal in doubles.

Federer’s impending retirement is something of a shock to the system to tennis fans across the globe.

The Swiss icon is perhaps the sport’s greatest athlete, capable of stretching from one end of the baseline to the next without even the slightest of wobbles.

In partnering with Nadal, perhaps Federer can give tennis fans one more memento: a resounding run in the 2022 Laver Cup with Team Europe.

Tennis Channel is broadcasting the 2022 Laver Cup in the United States. The competition will be streamed live on the Tennis Channel App and Tennis Channel Plus.

Last match 

The Swiss legend ended a 24-year senior career playing doubles alongside his long-time friend and on-court rival Rafael Nadal in London.

The 41-year-old signed off after a 24-year career with an epic 2-hour, 12-minute three-set defeat to Team World’s Jack Sock and Frances Tiafoe.

Roger Federer : Last match | Nadal | Farewell | Cow

It seemed the scriptwriters had set it up perfectly, with Federer serving on match point in a match tiebreak. But the Americans Sock and Tiafoe saved the point before going on to win 4–6 7–6[2] [11]–[9].

The Swiss was raucously cheered onto court – and then off court – by a packed O2 Arena in the British capital.

“It’s been a wonderful day. I told the guys I’m happy, I’m not sad. It feels great to be here,” Federer said after his last match, his voice cracking with emotion.

“I enjoyed tying my shoes one more time, and everything was the last time. With all the matches and having the guys being here, fans family, friends, I didn’t feel the stress so much.

Roger Federer nadal

Roger Federer wrapped up his superlative professional tennis career at age 41 with a loss in doubles alongside longtime rival Rafael Nadal at the Laver Cup on Friday night.

Federer, who won 20 Grand Slam titles, and Nadal, whose 22 are the men’s record, paired up for Team Europe and were beaten by Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock of Team World 4-6, 7-6 (2), 11-9 at the O2 Arena.

“It’s been a wonderful day. I’m happy not sad,” he said. “Feels great to be here, and I enjoyed doing everything one last time. Funny enough, with all the matches, fans, family, friends, I didn’t feel much stress. Happy I made it through the match. I couldn’t be happier.”

When the match, and with it, his time in professional tennis, ended, Federer hugged Nadal, then Tiafoe and Sock. And then Federer began crying. As cascades of clapping and yells of affection came from the stands, Federer put his hands on his hips, his chest heaving.

Then he mouthed, “Thank you,” while applauding right back toward the spectators who had chanted, “Let’s go, Roger! Let’s go!” during the concluding moments of a match that lasted more than two hours and ended at about 12:30 a.m.

The Swiss star announced last week that the three-day team event, which was founded by his management company, would be his final event before retirement, then made clear the doubles outing would be his last match.

His surgically repaired right knee — the last of three operations came shortly after a loss in the Wimbledon quarterfinals in July 2021, which will go down as his final official singles match — is in no shape to allow him to continue.

Roger Federer Farewell 

Roger Federer makes emotional farewell after defeat in final doubles match.

“It’s been perfect journey, I would do it all over again,” Federer says. Asked to reflect on his journey from junior champion to grand slam champion to sporting icon, he says: “It was never supposed to be that way. I was just happy to play tennis and spend time with my friends, really.”

Roger Federer : Last match | Nadal | Farewell | Cow

“It’s been so much fun,” he adds. “It’s been amazing. Thank you, everybody. I’ve had so many people cheer me on. And you guys here tonight, it means the world.”

Federer is then asked about how much his family’s support helped him along the way, and that’s when the waterworks really open up.

“We have to go there?” he says, jokingly. “I’ve done OK so far I feel. I’m at least able to talk. In my vision I was never able to talk, so I’m doing way better. Everybody’s here tonight from my family, so it’s great. I’ve had so much fun over the last 13 years [of marriage]. Everybody’s here, the girls, the boys. My wife’s been so supportive. She could have stopped me a long, long time ago, but she didn’t. She kept me going and allowed me to play. It’s amazing. Thank you.”

He continues, barely able to form sentences at this point through the tears: “I find it always funny that we always blame my mom for everything, because without her, I wouldn’t be here of course. So thanks to my parents, you have been amazing. Thank you. And just everybody, too many people to thank. It’s just been incredible, my God. A fantastic night. Thank you, everybody.”


Roger Federer’s first grand slam title was in Wimbledon 2003, and Gstaad Open organizers decided to give their Swiss champion a gift after claiming his first slam title, and the gift was a cow.

Roger Federer named his cow Ganga she gave birth to a calf named Edelweiss, but her previous name was Julliette.

The Cow in Switzerland is the national animal and it brings tourists to come to visit the Swiss mountains.

Roger Federer : Last match | Nadal | Farewell | Cow

Roger Federer’s cow Julliete was not with him all time as He travels the world every month, so it stayed with its owner who is the farmer Ruedi Wehren.

Because of old age and lack of milk, Roger Federer’s cow was slaughtered in 2005 this reason which is normal, her Calf Edelweiss got the name from Roger Federer.

“Juliette gave birth to a calf, and then she wasn’t producing enough milk, so she was slaughtered.” Farmer says

In 2013’s summer when Roger Federer decided to play Gstaad one more time they gifted him another cow whose name was Desiree and they make it in the opening ceremony in front of Tennis fans.

The Swiss legend Roger Federer expressed that He loves cows and will take lessons to know how to milk.

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