The photo of Randy Johnson with a Canon 1D attached to a telephoto lens, and a jacket with “NFL Photographer” emblazoned on it.

Randy Johnson : Hits bird | what is doing now | Wife

Randy Johnson has found himself surrounded by the world of photography. The Hall of Fame pitcher now owns a photography company and is employed by the National Football League.

Randy Johnson : Hits bird | what is doing now | Wife

The lanky lefty has admitted that this has been a passion of his since he studied it in college.

After becoming a Major League pitcher, Randy Johnson had to take a step back from photography.

After retiring in 2009 and being elected to the Hall of Fame in 2015, he has found his passion again.

Randy Johnson hits bird 

It’s not often a spring training game goes down as one of most memorable games in MLB history, but 21 years ago, Randy Johnson gave one of the most infamous moments when his pitch didn’t make it to home plate Instead, it hit a bird. 

The left-handed Johnson was set to throw a pitch in the 7th inning when a bird flew in. The ball hit the bird as it flew in front of home plate.

Video shows feathers falling off the bird, which was likely a mourning dove, as it falls to the ground. Rod Barajas, the catcher at the time, said “all you see is an explosion.”

After the players realized what had happened, Giants second baseman Jeff Kent went on the field and picked up the bird with his bare hands and pointed it toward Johnson while smiling. He took it back to the dugout, but it is unknown what happened afterward.

A grounds crew member then picked and cleaned up the feathers that were on the field. 

What is doing now 

There are few athletes who have lived a better life in their retirement than Randy Johnson. The Hall of Fame pitcher, the Mariners and Diamondbacks legend, walked away from the game in 2010 and discovered a love of photography. He’s never looked back.

Now, people who didn’t know about Johnson’s career change are learning about if for the first time — and discovering how amazing he is, all over again.

Randy Johnson : Hits bird | what is doing now | Wife

In truth, photograph was Johnson’s first love — he just happened to be really, really, really good at baseball. He studied photojournalism at USC from 1983-85, and the “about” section of his photography website notes that baseball was his occupation, but photography was his passion.

Don’t get it twisted, Johnson obviously loved the game of baseball too, but he acknowledges that the fame of being a pro athlete (and the money, naturally) has afforded him opportunities to get where other photographers might not, and travel to places beyond the means of many.

Also, we can’t discuss this any longer without mentioning that Johnson has, without question, the funniest logo he could ever have for his photography business.


Apart from enjoying a successful professional life. Randy is known for her beautiful personal life with his fantastic wife, Lisa Wiehoff, and 4 sweet kids. Though much is not about this WAG, the two share a beautiful; bond.

Randy Johnson : Hits bird | what is doing now | Wife

Name Lisa Wiehoff 
Place of Birth United States
Nationality American
Residency Paradise Valley, Arizona, United States
Husband Randy Johnson
Job Former photo-shop manager

Like every other WAG, Lisa is one with graceful and stunning looks. She has an incredible physique, charmed by her dark brown hair. Her deep brown eyes and that refreshing smile add to the overall look in the most amazing manner. She knows to carry herself quite well.

Whether you spot her in casuals or some chic party gown, she is ready to dazzle every look easily. With a graceful height of 6ft, she looks gorgeous in every outfit she dons.

Lisa and randy met during a charity golf event in 1985. It was the time when Randy was working with the organization.

Though much is not known about how the love sparked between the two, this was when they started interacting. After around 8 years of dating, they decided to tie the knot in 1993.

The couple tied the know in a beautiful wedding ceremony on November 6, 1993, in the presence of their family and friends. Since then, the two have been together.

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