Randy Johnson fell in love with photography, and became so good at it that he established his own company: Randy Johnson Photography.

Randy Johnson : Cameraman | Dead bird | Net worth

Johnson was born in the San Francisco Bay Area suburb of Walnut Creek, California, to Carol Hannah and Rollen Charles “Bud” Johnson.

Randy Johnson : Cameraman | Dead bird | Net worth

By the time he entered Livermore High School, he was a star in baseball and basketball.

In 1982, as a senior, he struck out 121 batters in 66 innings, and threw a perfect game in his last high school start.

He also played on a Bercovich(?) team that assembled top players from throughout California.

After high school, he was selected by the Atlanta Braves in the 4th round of the 1982 MLB draft. Instead, Johnson accepted a full athletic scholarship to play baseball for the University of Southern California. While at USC, he also played two years of basketball.

Randy Johnson Cameraman 

Randy Johnson has found himself surrounded by the world of photography. The Hall of Fame pitcher now owns a photography company and is employed by the National Football League.

The lanky lefty has admitted that this has been a passion of his since he studied it in college.

Randy Johnson : Cameraman | Dead bird | Net worth

After becoming a Major League pitcher, Randy Johnson had to take a step back from photography. After retiring in 2009 and being elected to the Hall of Fame in 2015, he has found his passion again.

MLB fans are shocked to hear that he loves photography and is employed by the NFL. Johnson’s logo for his photography business is a picture of a dead bird, making fun of when he nailed a bird in 2001.

Fans think it’s amazing that Randy Johnson is having a successful career in photography. “The Big Unit” has been a fan favorite in the league since his debut in 1988 with the Montreal Expos.

“This is delightful and the photos are good!” one fan said.

Fans are delighted to hear that he is pursuing something that he loves. Most athletes are just that, athletes. You don’t hear much from athletes after their retirement.

Johnson is showing that he’s multifaceted. It’s inspiring to see someone chase their dreams. He had such a successful career that he didn’t need to do anything after baseball; this is pure passion.

Dead bird 

Just in case you don’t understand the logo, Johnson infamously killed a bird with a pitch during a March 2001 Spring Training game in Arizona.

The bird, which was a dove, flew right into the path of a fastball from Johnson after he released it. The bird died from the impact of the near-100-mph pitch.

Randy Johnson : Cameraman | Dead bird | Net worth

After the players realized what had happened, Giants second baseman Jeff Kent went on the field and picked up the bird with his bare hands and pointed it toward Johnson while smiling. He took it back to the dugout, but it is unknown what happened afterward.

A grounds crew member then picked and cleaned up the feathers that were on the field. 

“It’s just hard to really put that into perspective. It happened so quick,” he said. 

It seems that Johnson has lightened up about the incident over time.

After retiring from baseball following the 2009 season, Johnson began his own photography business. His logo? A dead bird with feathers in the air.

Net worth 

Randy Johnson is a retired American professional baseball player who has a net worth of $95 million.

Randy Johnson : Cameraman | Dead bird | Net worth

Net Worth: $95 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 10, 1963 (59 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 9 in (2.0828 m)
Profession: Baseball player
Nationality: United States of America

During his career, Randy Johnson earned over $175 million in salary alone. He also earned millions more from endorsements.

The former Major League Baseball player, also known as the ‘Big Unit’, was one of the most prominent pitchers in American Baseball history.

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