Peter Wright admits he doesn’t care whether he wins or loses right now with his wife in hospital after being rushed in by an ambulance.

Peter Wright : Wife | Wife illness | Wife surgery

Wright is a Scottish professional darts player who plays in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), where he is currently ranked No. 2 in the world.

Peter Wright : Wife | Wife illness | Wife surgery

Personal information
Nickname “Snakebite”
Born 10 March 1970 (age 52)
Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland   
Home town Mendham, Suffolk, England

Nicknamed “Snakebite“, he is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time and is a two-time and reigning world champion, having won the PDC World Darts Championship in 2020 and 2022. He is also a World Matchplay champion.

When he was 24, Wright qualified for the first round of the 1995 BDO World Darts Championship, but then stopped playing darts professionally, working instead as a builder and tyre fitter while competing in local darts leagues. 

Peter Wright wife

The 51-year-old, nicknamed Snakebite, has his wife to thank for his famous hairdo.

Joanne Wright is a hairdresser who owns her own salon called Medusa Hair in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Peter Wright : Wife | Wife illness | Wife surgery

She typically spends up to two hours styling her hubby’s hairstyle before he takes to the stage.

And it was Peter’s daughter who gave him the inspiration to dye it various colours over the years.

Wright’s wife, Joanne was taken into care over the weekend while Wright was competing at the Grand Slam of Darts at the Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton. 

Joanne Wright is believed to have just one daughter, however, the name of the child is still unknown.

Peter Wright Wife illness 

Wright, 52, is in action at the Grand Slam of Darts in Wolverhampton this week on the say so of his beloved wife.

The Scot was in an understandably subdued mood after beating compatriot Alan Soutar over the weekend – appearing without one of his trademark flamboyant hairstyles.

Peter Wright : Wife | Wife illness | Wife surgery

Opening up on his difficult week, Wright claimed that he “looked like c**p” because he’d been up with wife Joanne in hospital until 4am that morning.

Asked by Viaplay if he’d considered pulling out of the event due to his wife’s ill health, Wright said: “Definitely. But Jo wants me to come here.

“She is in safe hands in the hospital and that’s the main thing.

“It was very difficult. I didn’t know she got taken in yesterday before my match. She was picked up at 8pm in an ambulance and she was in so much pain.

“So I went up to see her after my match and didn’t leave until 4am which is why I look like c**p.

“I didn’t care if I won or lost. Jo wanted me to play. I tried to up the hospital today and [they] wouldn’t let me see her.”

Wife surgery 

“PETER WRIGHT fears his wife could end up in a wheelchair as she goes in for a vital operation on her back.

The reigning World Champion is worried as Jo, who produces his amazing hair designs, has a major spine op today (Sat) after it was cancelled last month because of the Covid-19 crisis.

Peter Wright : Wife | Wife illness | Wife surgery

Wright, 50, said: “I’m very nervous about it to be honest. It is a massive worry for us. It’s a very big operation as it is on her spine. 

“But it will also put her into the vulnerable category for coronavirus. We’ve been through this as a family and Jo was adamant she wanted to go ahead with it.

“The operation could go wrong and she could end up in a wheelchair.

“I’m always a house husband anyway, I do all the work. I can’t even escape now to play darts all over Europe, so I have to do as I’m told or I’m in deep trouble!

“The strange thing is that this enforced time at home has worked out really well for us. Because if the op had gone ahead I would have been at home permanently to look after Jo which I couldn’t have done if I’d been away playing.

“I did say to her the plan was I would miss the Premier League if she wanted me to. But she said no way, I was to carry on playing.

“It’s a condition that Jo has in her spine that has progressively got worse over the years. It’s giving her pain with nerves so the operation has to happen, she is having her spine fused together in the lumber region and will be in hospital for 3-5 days. It will also include four to six screws and plate or rods put in her spine.””

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