Pablo Mari has moved to confirm he is fine after the Arsenal player was stabbed during an horrific attack in an Italian supermarket.

Pablo Mari : Discharged from hospital | Stabbing

The Spaniard, who is on a season-long loan at Monza, is currently recovering in the Niguarda hospital, and his condition is not considered severe. On Friday, the 29-year-old will undergo surgery to repair the damaged muscles in his back.

Pablo Mari : Discharged from hospital | Stabbing

According to reports, the Spaniard’s wounds are not serious, but after spending the night in the hospital, he will have surgery on Friday to repair his torn muscles.

Reports added one of the other victims of the brutal attack, said to be an employee of the Carrefour supermarket, has passed away. 

Quoted in the Gazzetta dello Sport, Mari said: “Today I was lucky, because I saw a person die in front of me.”

Pablo Mari Discharged from hospital 

Pablo Mari discharged from hospital after surgery due to supermarket stabbing.

The details shared are pretty saddening. The stabbing attack at the Italian supermarket injured many visitors, and one man was declared dead.

Pablo Mari : Discharged from hospital | Stabbing

The trauma team at Milan’s Niguarda hospital said they had reconstructed two of Pablo’s back muscles.

Also the Monza club also mentioned that Pablo has returned home and needs rest. The club is now waiting for the fast recovery of the player and has written a message to him on social media. They also expressed gratitude towards Milan’s Niguarda hospital staff.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi owns Monza football club. So, the club has asked to postpone the dates of the Italian football league. On Monday, there is a scheduled match for the Monza team to play against Bologna.

But the dates are tentatively postponed as the Monza home team was shocked by the stabbing incident.


One person has died and at least five others have been injured – some seriously – in a stabbing in a supermarket near the Italian city of Milan, police have said.

Local media reported that a 30-year-old supermarket cashier died after a man started attacking people in Assago.

Pablo Mari : Discharged from hospital | Stabbing

Among the injured was Pablo Marí, a football player on loan from Arsenal.

A 46-year-old suspect has been detained. Police have ruled out any terrorist motive.

Reports say the attacker has had mental health problems and had grabbed the weapon from the supermarket shelves.

The man started stabbing people at random at about 18:30 local time (16:30 GMT) at a Carrefour in a local shopping centre.

Screams were reportedly heard inside the centre, as terrified visitors tried to flee in panic.

The attacker is reported to have been detained by several customers and handed over to police who arrived at the scene.

Marí, a 29-year-old Spanish defender, suffered a stab wound to the back – but his injuries are not life-threatening. His agent, Arturo Canales, told the BBC that the star was conscious and no vital organs had been affected.

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