The Noosa Triathlon is an annual standard distance triathlon l held in Noosa, in  Queensland and organised by the World Triathlon Corporation. 

 Noosa Triathlon 2022 : Tracker | Shuttle bus | Results

Since its first race in 1983 the competition has evolved from a single day race into an annual five-day multisport festival celebrating sports participation, healthy lifestyles, fitness and fun. The feature event on the final day of the festival is the Noosa Triathlon.

 Noosa Triathlon 2022 : Tracker | Shuttle bus | Results

In 2009 as part of the Q150 celebrations, the Noosa Triathlon was announced as one of the Q150 Icons of Queensland for its role as an “event and festival”.

Participants who have completed the event 30 times as individuals are awarded “Golden Legend” status. Standard “Legends Club” membership is after 10 events (recipients too numerous to list presently).

Noosa Triathlon 2022 Tracker 

About 7,000 triathletes are set to compete in the event, comprising of a 1.5-kilometres swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run, on Sunday (October 30).

The feature race is due to be held on the final day of the Noosa Festival which got under way yesterday.

 Noosa Triathlon 2022 : Tracker | Shuttle bus | Results

International athletes are set to compete at the five-day festival for the first time since 2019 after the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Palaszczuk said that the Noosa Festival would generate more than AUD22 million (£12.3 million/$14.2 million/€14.1 million) for the local economy.

“The Noosa Triathlon is a pinnacle sporting event, ranked in the top 10 triathlons in the world,” she said in a statement.

“The event brings tens of thousands of people to the region each year, supporting nearly one million direct visitor nights and providing a valuable boost to local businesses.

“In the golden runway to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Queensland is forging ahead in cementing the state as the top destination to host world-class events.”

Noosa Triathlon Shuttle bus 

Susan Ewington, acting chief executive of Tourism Noosa, added: “We are proud to be the home of the world’s largest Olympic distance triathlon, and we look forward to sharing our stunning beaches, coastal pathways, national parks, and lush hinterland with visitors from all around Australia and the world.

 Noosa Triathlon 2022 : Tracker | Shuttle bus | Results

“The festival offers a fantastic line-up of events for all ages and fitness levels, and we can’t wait for visitors to soak up the atmosphere and take part in the world-class events on offer.”

It will be the 39th edition of the Noosa Triathlon that is also set to include the 5km ASICS Noosa Breakfast, 2XU Noosa 1000 Ocean Swim, Noosa Superkidz Triathlon and 5km ASICS Noosa Bolt.

“This is an event that is incredibly important not only to the triathlon community but to the local community and we’re thrilled that we’re back in action once again,” said Geoff Meyer, managing director of the Ironman Group Oceania.

“We’re thrilled to be able to welcome athletes back to the event from across Australia and around the world, with athletes set to travel from all corners.

“After the challenges of the last few years it’s great to be able to have the event back to full capacity.”


 Noosa Triathlon 2022 : Tracker | Shuttle bus | Results

Year Winner Country Time Notes
1983 Michael Harris  Australia 1:55:21  
1984 Michael Harris  Australia 2:11:39  
1985 Nick Croft  Australia 2:05:30  
1986 Nick Croft  Australia 2:03:33  
1987 Stephen Foster  Australia 1:53:46  
1988 Brad Beven  Australia 1:53:37  
1989 Michael Maroney  Australia 1:54:19  
1990 Miles Stewart  Australia 2:03:33  
1991 Ben Bright  Australia 1:50:21  
1992 Simon Knowles  Australia 1:51:24  
1993 Eamon Nunn  Australia 1:53:23  
1994 Miles Stewart  Australia 1:46:58  
1995 Spencer Smith  England 1:46:06  
1996 Jeremy Ross  Australia 1:52:50 see also ITU event
1997 Craig Walton  Australia 1:44:13  
1998 Eamon Nunn  Australia 2:03:33 see also ITU event
1999 Eamon Nunn  Australia 1:47:49 see also ITU event
2000 Chris Hill  Australia 1:44:20  
2001 Paul Amey  New Zealand 1:47:59  
2002 Craig Walton  Australia 1:46:38  
2003 Craig Walton  Australia 1:44:50  
2004 Craig Walton  Australia 1:47:05  
2005 Chris McCormack  Australia 1:46:45  
2006 Craig Walton  Australia 1:47:46  
2007 Craig Walton  Australia 1:48:46  
2008 Courtney Atkinson  Australia 1:46:46  
2009 Courtney Atkinson  Australia 1:47:03  
2010 Courtney Atkinson  Australia 1:46:54  
2011 David Dellow  Australia 1:46:36  
2012 Peter Kerr  Australia 1:46:35  
2013 Aaron Royle  Australia 1:46:10  
2014 Aaron Royle  Australia 1:47:59  
2015 Joe Maloy  United States 1:47:04  
2016 Dan Wilson  Australia 1:49:41  
2017 Jacob Birtwhistle  Australia 1:46:59  
2018 Aaron Royle  Australia 1:48:51  
2019 Jacob Birtwhistle  Australia 1:43:39

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