The 24-year-old Nikita Tszyu came out firing and piled on the pain from the get-go, hammering Dryden with countless brutal left hooks.

Nikita Tszyu : Kayo | Next fight | Boxrec | is Southpaw

Nikita Tszyu is an Australian professional boxer. He is the son of former world champion boxer Kostya Tszyu and brother of Tim.

Nikita Tszyu : Kayo | Next fight | Boxrec | is Southpaw

            Weight(s)           Light-middleweight           
Height 177 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Reach 178 cm (70 in)
Born Sydney, Australia
Stance Southpaw

Tszyu made his professional boxing debut against Aaron Stahl in March 2022 at Nissan Arena in Brisbane and was victorious via technical knockout (TKO) in the second round.

His professional debut took place almost exactly 30 years after his father’s first professional fight.

On 11 May 2022, he then fought Mason Smith, winning by TKO in the first round, moving to a 2 – 0 record, then nikita defeated Ben Horn to move 3-0.

Nikita Tszyu kayo

Tszyu was born in Sydney, New South Wales, to Russian parents of Russian, Korean and Mongolian descent.

His father, Kostya, is a former undisputed light-welterweight champion and his brother, Tim, is also a professional boxer.

Nikita Tszyu : Kayo | Next fight | Boxrec | is Southpaw

After winning the junior national championship on occasions, Tszyu quit boxing at the age of 16 to focus on his schooling.

Following high school graduation at Newington College in 2015, he enrolled in a Bachelor of Architectural Design at the University of Technology Sydney and worked in the industry for multiple years before returning to boxing at the age of 23.

Nikita Tszyu has surprisingly admitted to being caught up in the hype surrounding his famous surname – and the power associated with it – revealing: “I thought I could knock out everyone”.

Only a week out from his Super Saturday showdown against Darkon Dryden in Newcastle, Tszyu has promised to completely overhaul a fight style that, he says, has seen him competing “arrogant” and chasing finishes.

Despite only debuting in March, the son of Australian boxing legend Kostya Tszyu admitted getting caught up the headlines surrounding his punch powering and ‘Butcher’ moniker.

Next fight 

On his fourth attempt at a world title, Dennis Hogan finally sits atop the throne after beating Sam Eggington via majority decision to win the IBO super welterweight title.

Hogan, roared on by the always passionate Irish fans, put on the performance of a lifetime in a fight that went down to the wire as he won the fight 116-112 on two judges’ scorecards, but another gave the contest a draw.

Nikita Tszyu : Kayo | Next fight | Boxrec | is Southpaw

It was an enthralling contest between the two as they traded blow after blow and refused to give an inch.

But at long last, Hogan is now able to call himself a world champion.

Nikita Tszyu put on an absolute clinic in his fourth professional fight against Darkon Dryden, as the latter did not return from his corner for the fourth round.

Tszyu promised a more tactical approach in the bout while Dryden claimed he would finish his foe inside five rounds.


Tszyu was as tactical as ever, making Dryden miss and making him pay even more.

It was an onslaught from the first bell as Tszyu landed several blows that echoed around the Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

Nikita Tszyu : Kayo | Next fight | Boxrec | is Southpaw

                              Boxing record                              
Total fights 3         
Wins 3
Wins by KO 2

Dryden did his best to mount some form of offense, but it was to little avail as he simply couldn’t inflict any punishment on his rival who was in and out of space within a flash.

Eventually the punishment to Dryden’s body, head and mind became too much as he did not make it out for the fourth round, leaving Tszyu to celebrate wildly with his team in his most complete performance to date.

Speaking on the Main Event broadcast, commentator Ben Damon marvelled at the “brutal” beatdown from Tszyu.

“He’s broken down his opponent with the most mature performance we’ve seen from him to date,” Damon said.

“He produced the full kit of punches. He boxed, but it was brutal. ‘The Butcher’ with another win, and he is absolutely loving it here in Tszyucastle.”

Nikita tszyu is Southpaw 

Exciting Sydney southpaw Nikita Tszyu extended his famous boxing family’s unbeaten record in Newcastle with an impressive stoppage and Queensland based Irishman Dennis Hogan finally won a version of a world title.

In boxing and some other sports, a southpaw stance is where the boxer has the right hand and the right foot forward, leading with right jabs, and following with a left cross right hook. It is the normal stance for a left-handed boxer.

Nikita Tszyu : Kayo | Next fight | Boxrec | is Southpaw

The corresponding boxing designation for a right-handed boxer is the orthodox stance, which is generally a mirror-image of the southpaw stance. In American English, “southpaw” generally refers to a person who is left handed.

Left-handed boxers are usually taught to fight in a southpaw stance, but right-handed fighters can also fight in the southpaw stance for many reasons such as tricking the opponent into a false sense of safety.

Fighting in a southpaw stance is believed to give the fighter a strategic advantage because of the tactical and cognitive difficulties of coping with a fighter who moves in a mirror-reverse of the norm. 

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