After 46 days, almost 4000 kilometres, 23-year-old Nedd Brockmann made his way along the Bondi promenade on Monday to finish the mega run.

Nedd Brockmann : Wiki | Record run | Strava | Age

He burst through the finish banner just after 5.30pm before grabbing it and throwing it into the crowd.

Nedd Brockmann : Wiki | Record run | Strava | Age

After a smoking ceremony from the traditional owners to clean him of his journey, he climbed to the balcony on the North Bondi Surf Lifesaving club to thank the crowd and spray a magnum of champagne.

Leaving Perth’s Cottesloe Beach on September 1, Brockmann vowed to run 3800 kilometres across the country to raise money for homelessness– despite only picking up running as a hobby in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Meet the Nedd Brockmann. He’s an unassuming 23-year old sparky from Forbes, New South Wales, but he’s currently doing something so impressive he’s got the attention of Australia. If you’re not already following his inspiring posts on Instagram, you’re missing out.

Nedd Brockmann : Wiki | Record run | Strava | Age

Not only are his daily musings written in such an understated way that you can’t help but be hit by all that he’s not saying – especially given the man is often running over 100 kilometres in a day.

But also because they’re peppered with his own larrikin-laced dialect, with plenty of Nedd-isms – like ‘BRAH,’ ‘lesssss go’ and plenty of swearing – becoming common parlance with his devoted following.

Nedd’s got some famous friends in his corner too, with the likes of Hamish Blake, Matty J, Laura Byrne, Alex Nation and Sam Wood liking and commenting regularly – showing their support and straight up awe for what he’s accomplishing.

After moving to Sydney from his rural home town of Forbes in western New South Wales, Brockmann was struck by the number of homeless people living on the city’s streets, and touched by their stories.

Nedd Brockmann Record run 

Nedd Brockmann has completed his epic run from Perth to Sydney, running into Bondi Beach after four weeks on the road.

At approximately 5:30pm AEDT on Monday October 17, Nedd Brockmann – the 23-year-old from Forbes, who moved to Sydney and was shocked at the rate of homelessness in the city – ran down Campbell Parade and hit Bondi Beach.

His 3,952km journey from Perth’s Cottesloe Beach across the country is complete after 47 days. That’s no typo. Yep, 47 days.

His penultimate day on the bitumen saw him slog out a lazy 113.75km.

Along the way, he’s raised more than $1.47 million for homelessness, having broken his initial $1m target and set the new goal of raising $1.5m.

And, of course, he capped it all off with a shoey.

He’s also inspired people from across Australia and the world to get up and run, providing a unique insight into his worth and the mental and physical toll of putting his body through hell.


Nedd Brockmann is a runner from Randwick, Sydney, NSW.

On the morning of April 14, 2020, Nedd Brockmann awoke with a desire to simply run – and run far. 

The sky was still bruised with twilight when he stood in the driveway of the cattle farm his family owned west of Forbes, dressed in baggy footy shorts and a rugby training top; a uniform from those days spent out on the field with eyes alert, elbows tucked, and a shoulder always angled so as to inflict maximum damage upon impact. The top hung looser now. Mileage may have stripped Nedd of any excess body fat, but it did little to diminish his appetite for voluntary suffering. 

Nedd Brockmann : Wiki | Record run | Strava | Age

At 5:30 a.m, he hit the road. The stiffness of sleep fell away quickly and a cautious stagger gave way to long strides. Even in the eerie stillness of daybreak, he could feel the heat of the Australian sun baked into the tarmac.

It licked at his heels with each step, but this he had expected. Everything else – the distance, the pace, the monotonous turnover of legs that weighed heavy with fatigue – was left uncertain. Previously, the furthest he’d ever run was a marathon distance of 42.2km.

Adding another 18 kilometres presents a sizeable question mark that hovers over the shoulder like a bad wingman at a party; most want only to distance themselves from such feats, to turn away and find better company. But the local Woolworths was 60 kilometres from the family farm and Nedd had set out with only this destination in mind.

That’s the thing you come to learn about a guy like Nedd Brockmann: no matter the struggle, he likes to finish what he started. 


As of 2022, Nedd Brockmann is 23 years old. 

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