Meet Nedd Brockmann, the blonde mulleted tradie who’s doing the fastest ever run across Australia. All in the name of charity. 

Nedd Brockmann : Who is | Sydney marathon | Route

There are people who go to great lengths to help others and then there’s Nedd Brockman.

Brockman is on track to become the fastest person to run across Australia, pounding away for a blistering 100 kilometres a day for 40 days straight.

That’s almost 4000 kilometres on foot in just six weeks.

He will run from Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia to Bondi Beach in New South Wales in a bid to support homelessness charity We Are Mobilise.

His goal is to raise $250 for every kilometre, which is a whopping $1 million.

Nedd’s girlfriend Gemma said the runner’s mentality “is incredible”.

Who is nedd Brockmann 

After moving to Sydney from his rural home town of Forbes in western New South Wales, Brockmann was struck by the number of homeless people living on the city’s streets, and touched by their stories.

Nedd Brockmann : Who is | Sydney marathon | Route

While he tried to help those he encountered in the small ways he could via donations of food, money or clothing, Brockmann was looking for a way to make a bigger impact on the quality of their lives.

Like many of us, Brockmann also started running during lockdown, but after completing half marathons, then full marathons and a few ultra marathons, he was looking for his next physical challenge.

The 23-year-old electrician from Forbes in central western NSW has a grand plan – to become the fastest runner to dash across Australia and raise $1 million along the way.

Sydney marathon 

The idea to combine the two was born, and he embarked on ‘Nedd’s Record Run’ on September 1st,’ by running from Perth to Bondi Beach in less than 43 days.

That’s a casual 4,300 kilometres. His hope was to break the Guinness World Records, run 100 kilometres a day, and raise $1 million for the homeless population while doing so.

Nedd Brockmann : Who is | Sydney marathon | Route

Each day Nedd runs anywhere from 42 to over 100 kilometres in a day (think about that for a second), and posts a summary of his run on his Instagram, alongside a quote of the day and a song or podcast of the day.

He is due to hit the sand at Sydney’s Bondi Beach – averaging 100 kilometres a day for more than 40 days – on Monday. It is something truly remarkable.

All this from a knockabout country kid who “started running through COVID” and made his way up from a half marathon to a full marathon and then from a 60, 80 and 100km ultra marathons. If you’re exhausted yet, you’re not the only one.

If you can’t fathom it, take a look at his Instagram stories. They will blow your mind.

Easy? Not at all, with the man himself showcasing the brutal reality of going again and again and again. Not just through the morning sun, but through torrential rain and gale force winds.


Nedd Brockmann will run from Cottesloe Beach to Bondi Beach – a distance just shy of 4000km – starting September 1. He’s set himself the challenge of doing it in 40 days.

Brockmann and his bleached blond mullet will complete about 100km per day to arrive at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach less than 43 days after setting off from Cottesloe Beach in Perth.

Nedd Brockmann : Who is | Sydney marathon | Route

“I’ll absolutely get it done, it just depends on whether that’s going to means I do it in 18-hour days or whether I do it in nine-hour days,” he told in an exclusive interview.

“I’m feeling very confident, I always have since the day I said I’ll do it.

“It’s just I don’t know how it’s going to look in terms of whether the days are going to be smooth sailing or whether there’s going to be a lot, a lot of s**t days but we can only know when that happens because that’s future Nedd’s problem and right now I’m just taking each day as they come.”

By Rishabh

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