Thousands of people swarmed Bondi Beach on Monday evening to watch Nedd Brockmann — a 23-year-old tradie. Check out how old is he.

Nedd Brockmann : Sportsbet | How old is | Donation

The 23-year-old smashed his goal to raise $1 million for the homeless and was greeted by thousands as his famous bleached blonde mullet rolled down Bondi Road to finish his 46 day run across Australia.

Nedd Brockmann : Sportsbet | How old is | Donation

Nedd Brockmann has arrived in Bondi after spending 46 days running nearly 4,000km across Australia to raise money for the homeless.

Brockmann’s now-famous bleached blonde mullet rolled down the hill along Bondi Road at about 5:30pm on Monday and he was greeted by thousands of admiring Australians waiting on the Bondi Beach promenade in awe of the inspirational feat.

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Brockmann departed Cottesloe Beach in Perth on September 1, and has since averaged more than 80 kilometres per day since.

He runs approximately 10 hours each day, commencing at around 5am. Over the course of his 46-day journey, he will have jogged the equivalent of more than 270 City2Surf races.

Brockmann has been accompanied by his parents, Kylie and Ian Brockmann, girlfriend Jemma Griffin, friend and photographer Bradley Farley, as well as his physio.

“He needs to get off his feet pretty quickly, because they’re pretty mashed by that point,” Kylie told The Sun-Herald on Saturday.

“He’s holding up incredibly well. He’s very thin and I’d rather he was a bit chunkier, but he’s still running. I’m astounded.”

Hundreds are expected to witness the blonde-haired sparkie from western Sydney arrive in Bondi this week.

Brockmann was initially hoping to topple the all-time record, with German ultra marathon runner Achim Heukemes completing the journey across Australia in 43 days in 2005.

But after sustaining an injury around day 12, he needed to cut back on his mileage for recovery.

In 2020, Brockmann achieved the remarkable feat of running 50 marathons in 50 consecutive days, raising more than $100,000 for Australian Red Cross.

How old is

The 23-year-old has raised $1.5 million for homelessness after running across Australia from Cottesloe Beach to Bondi Beach – just shy of 4,000km – in 46 1/2 days. Unbelievable.

As of our research, he is currently 23 years old.


Holy smokes — certified legend Nedd Brockmann has arrived at Bondi Beach in Sydney after running from Western Australia’s Cottesloe Beach to raise money to support people experiencing homelessness. And the absolute king raised a stonking $1,485,347 for Donation. 

A ‘yuge crowd of supporters gathered at Bondi Beach to welcome the NSW electrician after a gruelling 46 days hoofing it on foot across Australia.

Nedd Brockmann : Sportsbet | How old is | Donation

Brockmann hit his original goal to raise $1 million for We Are Mobilise on October 14. The organisation is dedicated to supporting those experiencing homelessness in Australia.

The inspirational fella set a new goal of $1.5 million and he was just shy of making it when he trotted up to Bondi Beach’s Surf Lifesaving Cub on Monday arvo.

Brockmann received a traditional Indigenous smoking ceremony to honour the First Nations land he traversed on his 3952km run across the country. He also celebrated with a shoey, which he absolutely deserved.

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