Mitch Trubisky’s run as the starting quarterback in Pittsburgh may have come to an end on Sunday. Check out what happened to him.

Mitch Trubisky : Injury | What happened to | Hurt

Trubisky saw some early success with the Bears, leading the team to a NFC North division title in his second season while being selected to the Pro Bowl.

Mitch Trubisky : Injury | What happened to | Hurt

He left the team via free agency in 2021, and signed with the Buffalo Bills as a backup to Josh Allen. Trubisky joined the Steelers as a free agent in 2022.

Trubisky redshirted for his first year at North Carolina in 2013. He played in ten games as a backup to starter Marquise Williams in 2014. He made his collegiate debut in relief of Williams against the Liberty Flames in a 56–29 victory.

In the game, he was 10-of-16 for 66 yards with one touchdown and one interception. He threw his first career touchdown to tight end Jack Tabb in the third quarter.


Trubisky comes to the Bills with considerable talent and untapped potential following his up-and-down tenure with the Chicago Bears.

Looking at his known injury history as a whole, the repeated shoulder injuries are notable, but not necessarily deal breakers.

It isn’t clear exactly if he had two A/C joint sprains with a labrum tear or two labrum tears with an A/C joint sprain.

Mitch Trubisky : Injury | What happened to | Hurt

Either way, he has had surgeries to correct the known labrum injury and those didn’t impact his ability to earn a second contract.

The A/C joint sprains are certainly concerning as this is his throwing shoulder. He likely required a shot for pain prior to the game and at times wore a shoulder harness similar to what Josh Allen wore last year.

It’s also important to note that Trubisky ended up playing some of his best football of 2020 following the shoulder injury, but the Bears only managed a .500 record with him under center. This was good enough for the playoffs but at least indicated that his shoulder was still serviceable.

Mitch Trubisky What happened to 

The left labrum tear did require surgery to repair the damage but, fortunately, this was to his non-throwing shoulder—which minimized the time missed.

There is a chance he could re-tear the labrum, but he is two years out from the original injury, and the rates to re-tear top out at 26 percent.

Mitch Trubisky : Injury | What happened to | Hurt

Also noting the hip injury, this ended up being a hip pointer injury, which is a blow to the iliac crest of the hip.

This is more of a pain issue with some functional limitations, but sitting out during the shoulder injury around the same time likely allowed him to rest the hip properly. It’s also important to note that hip pointers are short-term injuries and are not a chronic issue.

Overall, even if Trubisky were coming in to compete for the starting position, I’d have little concern for his ability to play.

It is important to note that more serious quarterback injuries occur in the pocket as opposed to running, Trubisky was on the move during each shoulder injury.

Considering the past hits to the shoulders and how he’s injured them, there is some slight concern regarding his availability if he is forced into the starting role should Josh Allen go down.

Mitch Trubisky hurt

According to NFL Network insiders Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo, Trubisky’s injury is similar to the one he suffered in 2018, which forced him to miss two games.

Surgery hasn’t been ruled out this time around.

Mitch Trubisky : Injury | What happened to | Hurt

Trubisky is on the final year of his rookie contract and won’t be back in Chicago next season. An injury to his throwing shoulder, one that could require surgery to repair, is the worst-case scenario for a quarterback who will be looking for a fresh start on the open market next March.

It didn’t seem like the Mitchell Trubisky experience had much more room for bumps in the road, but in Week 8, it did.

Trubisky, in his recent role as Nick Foles’ backup, came in for a play as the QB in shotgun. He ran left for three yards against the Saints, and while it wasn’t obvious, he apparently injured his right shoulder on the play.

It’s kept him out of even his backup position the last two weeks as Tyler Bray fills in behind Foles.

It’s just the latest negative moment for the 2017 NFL Draft’s No. 2 overall pick. 

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