Surfing star Mikala Jones has tragically died at 44 years old following a freak accident. Check out how did he die.

Mikala Jones : Accident | How did die | Daughter | Net worth

Surfers near and far woke to the shock news that Mikala Jones, 44, of the very famous Jones family, had died hours ago after suffering a gruesome injury while on a surf trip to the Mentawi Islands. Stab reported that he severed his femoral artery leading to massive blood loss.

Mikala Jones : Accident | How did die | Daughter | Net worth

Alongside brothers Daniel and Keoni and sister Malia, Mikala made an indelible mark on surf history with an effortless style and unconstrained lifestyle, chasing perfect surf over titles and points.

His video releases, pristine and glorious featuring some of the best barrels in the world, an absolute staple over the past two decades.

The son of a doctor, Mikala is intelligent and sophisticated. He’s street smart and savvy but never one to front.

Magnanimous, yet, Mikala is also uber-mysto about the secret spots he guards. He is a private family man with residences in Haleiwa and Bali.

However, because of Mikala’s personality, professionalism and smooth hand-jiving style he’s a jet-setter who handpicks each year’s photo excursions.

Mikala Jones Accident 

Professional surfer Mikala Jones tragically died after a “bad surfing accident,” according to his daughter Isabella Jones. He was 44.

Mikala Jones died at age 44 following a surfing accident over the weekend, according to his daughter Isabella Jones.

“I’m not sure how to put this in words, but my dad got into a bad surfing accident and didn’t make it,” she wrote on Instagram July 9. “Im happy he was doing what he loved the most.”

Alongside throwback photos of herself and her dad, Isabella also reflected on the tragic loss, writing, “I’m in so much disbelief right now, this doesn’t feel real. I love you so much dad and i wish i could give you one last hug.”

She continued in her tribute to Mikala, “I wish i could tell you again how much i love you and thank you for being the best dad. I wish you were still here with us, you weren’t supposed to leave yet. This is too soon.

I know you are in a good place now with nana vi, and your friends. I wish this never happened and we could just wake up and go surf together tomorrow morning.”

The Hawaiian pro surfer, known for tube-riding around the globe, is considered to be “one of the 21st century’s most photogenic surfers,” per Surfline. He often documented his surfs on his GoPro, giving a unique perspective inside the barrels he rode. 

How did Mikala Jones die 

Hawaiian professional surfer Mikala Jones passed away at the age of 44 while surfing in North Sipora in Indonesia.

As reported by Surfline, Jones and his family were staying at the Awera Resort at the time. On Sunday, July 9, at approximately 9:15 a.m., Jones was surfing when he suffered an accident involving his surfboard that caused a long wound on the inside of his left groin.

Mikala Jones : Accident | How did die | Daughter | Net worth

Jones was quickly escorted by boat to Tuapejat Pier where he was rushed to Mentawai Hospital by staff. He was declared dead at the hospital.

After news came out about Jones’ passing, his daughter Isabella shared an emotional message about her father on Instagram.

Alongside photos of the two and various personal moments, she wrote, “I’m not sure how to put this in words, but my dad got into a bad surfing accident and didn’t make it.

She went on, “Thank you for teaching me so many life lessons, and always being there for me. I wish you were still here with us right now. I will always be think about you dad ❤️ i love you so much, thank you for everything ❤️ fly high 🕊️ ur a f—–g legend.”

Brian Bielmann, surf photographer and close friend, shared a couple of photos of Jones and noted his passing, before writing, “We’re gonna miss him so much. I’ve been sitting her all morning trying to grasp this reality . We all will pass on but it’s so shocking when it’s so unexpected like this.

Many more friends and colleagues in the surfing world also shared similar tributes, condolences, and kind messages about Mikala after his death.


Isabella Lokelani Jones was devastated by Mikala Jones’s death. Isabella took her sorrow online a few hours after her father died, writing about the traumatic experience on her social media page.

The Instagram post was written by Isabella, Mikala’s daughter, who was saddened by her father’s sudden death: “I’m in so much disbelief right now, this doesn’t feel real.” Her only request was for “one last hug” from her father. Further, she said, “I wish you were still here with us, you weren’t supposed to leave yet.” The fact that her father is in a “good place now” helps, but she wishes “this never happened” anyhow. Isabella feels a deep sense of loss as she watches her father, a surfing icon and cherished member of the local community, leave permanently.

Mikala Jones : Accident | How did die | Daughter | Net worth

The surfing community and the sports community at large were taken aback by the news over the weekend as they saw one of its brightest stars depart the spotlight forever.

The death of Mikala Jones, 44, has shocked the surfing community. He was a famous Hawaiian surfer who made his way to Indonesia.

Despite moving away from Hawaii, the surfer kept doing what he loved best: pushing the boundaries of skilled tuberiding in hazardous waves and reimagining how it might be captured.

Because of his stunning GoPro footage and multiple cover appearances, Mikala Jones has been called the most photogenic surfer of the 21st century.

Local officials said he and his family were at Awera Resort in North Sipora just before the surfing tragedy. The surfer was injured in an accident at about 9:15 a.m., and the ensuing wound was around 10 cm long and located on the inside of his left groin.

Net worth 

Mikala Jones was an iconic Hawaiian surfer who had an estimated current fortune of $3 million at the time of his death.

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