Michigan football has fired co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Matt Weiss, athletic director Warde Manuel announced on Friday.

Michigan fires co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss.

The Michigan football offseason drama continued on Friday, with the news that co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Matt Weiss has been fired.

In a statement, Wolverines athletic director Warde Manuel said that Weiss’s termination came “after a review of University policies,” according to Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde. Manuel declined to expand upon the specific circumstances that resulted in the 39-year-old’s dismissal.

According to ESPN, Weiss’s firing is expected to be “for cause,” and there is a clause in his contract that includes “for cause” firings for the conviction of a felony, in addition to a conduct clause for morality.

Earlier in the week, the University of Michigan police department told ESPN it is investigating a “report of computer access crimes” allegedly committed last month at the team’s Schembechler Hall facility.

ESPN reported Tuesday night that Weiss had been placed on administrative leave, while a Michigan athletic department spokesperson said that the assistant coach had not been around the team recently.

Michigan fires co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss.

Weiss acknowledged the “ongoing investigation” in a statement to ESPN on Tuesday and said he was “fully cooperating” with investigators. He followed up that comment with a tweet on Friday.

“I am proud of the success we achieved over the last two seasons and grateful to all of the Michigan players, coaches and staff. The potential of Team 144 knows no bounds,” Weiss tweeted Friday.

“I have nothing but respect for the University of Michigan and the people who make it such a great place. I look forward to putting this matter behind me and returning my focus to the game I love.”

Michigan fires co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss.

Weiss, who was with Michigan for two seasons and shared play-calling responsibilities in 2022, earned a base salary of $850,000 this past season and is expected to make up to an additional $400,000 in incentives.

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