Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin has been pulled from NFL Network’s coverage of Sunday’s Super Bowl. Here’s why he was suspended.

Michael Irvin : Suspended | Allegations | Complaint

Michael Irvin was born in 1966 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was the 15th of 17 children in his family.

Michael Irvin : Suspended | Allegations | Complaint

Irvin first attended Piper High School in Sunrise, Florida and then went on to become a football star at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale.

While at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Irvin was heavily recruited by the University of Miami to play for the Miami Hurricanes, one of the top collegiate football programs in the nation.

Michael Irvin suspended 

NFL Network has pulled Irvin in the wake of the unspecified events, which took place Sunday night at a hotel in Arizona. Between the network and the woman who brought the claims, no one is talking.

“Michael Irvin will not be a part of NFL Network’s Super Bowl LVII week coverage,” Alex Riethmiller, NFL Media’s vice president of communications, said in a statement, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Michael Irvin : Suspended | Allegations | Complaint

In an interview with 105.3 The Fan on Wednesday morning, Irving claimed he didn’t remember the interaction after having “a few drinks.” It’s also been reported that a spokesperson from the Glendale Police Department said they had no knowledge of any reported incident involving Irvin.

In 2018, Irvin was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against NFL Network, and also served a previous suspension by the company. In 2017, the Broward County (Florida) State Attorney’s Office chose not to pursue charges against Irvin after a sexual assault investigation. (He denied the allegations.)

In 2011, a settlement was reached in a civil lawsuit that accused Irvin of sexual battery. And in 1997, a woman that then accused Irvin and former Cowboys teammate Erik Williams of rape in 1996 recanted her story and admitted she lied, according to the police.

Michael Irvin allegations 

Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin will not appear on the NFL Network for the rest of Super Bowl week after a woman complained about his conduct during a brief conversation the two had on Sunday night in a hotel lobby, the Dallas Morning News reported on Wednesday.

When asked what the woman had alleged, the network didn’t comment.

“Well, guys, there’s a lot going on. I don’t know whether you guys heard or not. I wanted to do your show just to share with you … You guys haven’t heard that Sunday night … I went out with (former Cowboys safety) Michael Brooks. I don’t remember, but I guess when I came in [to the hotel], they asked (NFL Network), ‘What did you do (last night)?’ I said, ‘I went straight to the room,” Irvin told Shan, RJ and Bobby.

“But I guess I had talked to somebody in the lobby for about a minute, and then I went to my room. And after I got off the air [the next day], they said, ‘come on, we got to move you to another hotel.’

“So they moved my hotel, and I said, ‘What’s going on, guys? What’s happening? Why are we moving hotels?’ And they said, ‘well, last night, you walked in – did you talk to somebody?’ And I said, ‘I didn’t talk to anybody. I went straight to my room.’

“And then they showed on camera I did talk to somebody. I talked to this girl for about a minute. They didn’t show [me the video]. They told me [that I was on video talking to her]. I don’t know what she looks like or anything. But that’s why they moved me. Because the girl said I said something to her in that minute we talked.


Michael Irvin has been pulled from the remainder of NFL Network’s Super Bowl week coverage after a complaint about Irvin’s behavior in a hotel Sunday night.

Michael Irvin : Suspended | Allegations | Complaint

The Hall of Fame wide receiver went on a Dallas radio station Wednesday and said he was asked by network officials to move to another hotel on Monday after what he described as a brief encounter with a woman.

“Michael Irvin will not be part of NFL Network’s Super Bowl LVII week coverage,” NFL Network spokesman Alex Riethmiller said.

Glendale, Arizona, police said they have not received any reports about any incident involving Irvin.

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