Max Verstappen was left with no regrets over his failed overtake on Lewis Hamilton during the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. Check out his clash.

Max Verstappen : Hamilton clash | Monaco | Penalty

Verstappen was born on 30 September 1997 in Hasselt, Belgium to Jos Verstappen and Sophie Kumpen, and has a younger sister, Victoria.

Max Verstappen : Hamilton clash | Monaco | Penalty

Verstappen’s parents separated when he was young, after which he lived with his father while his sister Victoria lived with their mother.

Verstappen has three younger half-siblings from his father; a sister, Blue Jaye, from his second marriage and a brother and sister, Jason Jaxx and Mila Faye, from his current marriage.

Max Verstappen Hamilton clash 

The 2022 F1 Brazilian GP had a lot of drama even for a regular race at the venue. Sao Paulo has been notorious for throwing up some great action-packed races.

However, the latest edition not only had action but also had a rather off-color weekend for quite a few drivers.

Max Verstappen : Hamilton clash | Monaco | Penalty

The race kept everyone on their toes with the way it unfolded as there was always something happening from start to finish. Here’s the rundown of all the drama from the 2022 F1 Brazilian GP.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have not really fought against each other often this season.

More often than not, the Red Bull driver has had the edge over the Mercedes driver as the two cars just don’t have the parity of the 2021 F1 season.

At the 2022 F1 Brazilian GP, it could have been the race we were all waiting for. However, a collision between the two drivers after the safety car restart left Verstappen out of sync with the rest of the field and at the back. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton’s undamaged Mercedes made its way through the field.


The 2022 Monaco Grand Prix was a Formula 1 career high point for Sergio Perez, and what seemed at the time like a fleeting low point in relations with Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen.

Verstappen hasn’t admitted that the “something that happened in the past” that led to him rejecting Red Bull’s request to give sixth place in the Brazilian Grand Prix back to Perez to help his team-mate’s chase for second in the world championship was Perez’s Monaco qualifying crash.

But it wasn’t a coincidence that it was Monaco that was repeatedly brought up when journalists were probing Verstappen for a clue about what the lingering grievance was, and The Race understands that it is Perez’s Monaco shunt that Verstappen had in mind.

Back in May, Perez crashed exiting Portier and was collected by Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari, causing a red flag and preventing Verstappen from completing his last qualifying lap.

Verstappen was asked directly at least twice in Brazil, on TV and then again with the written media, if this was the past incident in question, and he didn’t deny it. He even smiled when pushed on it by Sky Sports.

There have been suggestions since Monaco that Perez crashed on purpose. Dutch media have even claimed that Perez has admitted within Red Bull that he did.

Max Verstappen penalty 

The FIA stewards have explained why Max Verstappen was “predominantly at fault” for his clash with Lewis Hamilton at Interlagos on Sunday.

Max Verstappen : Hamilton clash | Monaco | Penalty

The 2021 title rivals came to blows after the first Safety Car restart during the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. With George Russell having bolted on the pit straight, Verstappen had a good run behind Hamilton, whose reaction was not quite as fast.

This left the Red Bull driver looking to make a move around the outside at the Senna S, sending his car to the right of Hamilton’s Mercedes, but the two cars collided at the apex of Turn 2 – which caused damage to Verstappen’s front wing in the process.

Both drivers felt the other was to blame for the contact, Hamilton saying “that was no racing incident, mate” to race engineer Pete Bonnington on team radio, while Verstappen believes he was not left enough room to make an overtake.

Following an investigation, however, the stewards punished Verstappen with a five-second penalty and two penalty points on his Super Licence for causing a collision – and the verdict has since been published.

The FIA’s statement read: “The stewards reviewed the video from several angles, including In Car Cameras, CCTV and broadcast video.

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