In an interview with Sunday Times, Mark Lawrenson slammed BBC and said that they were the worst in delivering bad news.

Mark Lawrenson : Predictions table | illness | Now

Mark Lawrenson was born in Preston and attended St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School in Penwortham and, later, Preston Catholic College, a Jesuit school.

His father, Tom, had been a winger for Preston North End. He always wanted to be a footballer, although his mother, Theresa, wanted him to become a priest.

Mark Lawrenson : Predictions table | illness | Now

He began his career, as a 17-year-old, with his hometown club, Preston North End in 1974 who were then managed by World Cup winner Bobby Charlton. Lawrenson was voted Preston’s Player of the Year for the 1976–77 season.

After 73 league appearances for the Deepdale club he moved to Alan Mullery’s Brighton & Hove Albion in the summer before the start of the 1977–78 season for £100,000.

Ironically, they outbid Liverpool who also showed interest in the 19-year-old Lawrenson. Lawrenson made his Brighton debut on 20 August 1977 in a 1–1 draw against Southampton at The Dell.

He settled in at the Goldstone Ground and made 40 league appearances by the end of his first season of the club. He went on to make 152 league appearances by the end of the 1980–81 season.

Predictions table 

BBC’s Mark Lawrenson Predicted EPL Scores for Premier League 2021-22 is compared to the correct Premier League scores.

A comparison of Lawro’s predicted Premier League 2021-22 Table with the Premier League 2021-22 Table, and Premier League 2021-22 Points according to Lawro’s Predictions are included.

According to Lawro, the Terriers would be bottom of the pile at this stage on 10 points. They would have this record: W2 D4 L15 GD-29.

Mark Lawrenson : Predictions table | illness | Now

Remarkably, he has been completely accurate with his prediction but they would have slightly more goals. Their record is: W2 D4 L15 GD-24

According to Lawro, the Cityzens would be 1st on 57 points. They would have this record: W18 D3 L0 GD46.

Reality: Manchester City are currently 2nd on 50 points with this record: W16 D2 L3 GD39

According to Lawro, the Red Devils would be 2nd on 57 points. They would have this record: W18 D3 L0 GD33.

Reality: Manchester United are currently 6th on 38 points with this record: W11 D5 L5 GD11

According to Lawro, the Reds would be 3rd on 47 points. They would have this record: W13 D8 L0 GD27.

Reality: Liverpool are currently 1st on 54 points with this record: W17 D3 L1 GD39.

According to Lawro, Spurs would be 4th on 45 points. They would have this record: W13 D6 L2 GD23.

Reality: Tottenham are currently 3rd on 48 points with this record: W16 D0 L5 GD25.

Mark lawrenson illness 

Towards the end of last season, the editor of Football Focus received an email from a viewer saying they had seen me on TV and noticed I had a bit of dark skin on the left side of my face.

Their message was I needed to get rid of it, or at least get it checked out urgently.

I was already aware of the blemish and was planning to get an appointment about it but, like a typical 60-year-old bloke, I had been putting it off rather than sorting it out.

Mark Lawrenson : Predictions table | illness | Now

That email was the kick up the backside I needed. I went to get it looked at immediately, and it was cancerous so I had it whipped out straight away.

I would urge anyone with any similar doubts about a mark on their skin not to wait, and to do the same.

People can be very stubborn and ignorant, thinking ‘well it is not going to happen to me’, but of course it does.

I never found out who the viewer was who contacted the show, but we are trying to track them down now.

I would love to be able to get in touch to thank them, and hopefully this article will help that to happen.

When the viewer’s email was passed on to me, I immediately went to my medical centre to tell them and I got to see a specialist that day.

He had a look at the blemish through the special instrument they use and said he needed to send me to Ormskirk Hospital to get it taken out. I had that operation at the start of June.


This is no tribute. In many ways to break out the violins for Mark Lawrenson would really be to miss the true essence of the man.

You may even have missed his retirement last week amid the opera of season-ending farewells. Divock Origi gets a guard of honour at Anfield. Mike Dean gets a 1,500-word valedictory feature in the Athletic.

Lawrenson, by contrast, simply slipped away with a droop of the shoulders and very possibly a wry quip about not letting the door hit him on the way out.

Mark Lawrenson : Predictions table | illness | Now

Which does feel a little strange, even when you take into account the fact that Lawrenson has now been in gentle recession from our screens for some time now.

There was still the odd radio gig, semi-regular appearances on Football Focus, the weekly prediction column for the BBC Sport website.

But it has also been a curiously inconspicuous retreat, given that – if you give it a moment’s thought – most football fans in this country will probably have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours watching Lawrenson’s face over the years.

This, of course, has long been the pundit’s privilege: to soundtrack these life-forming experiences for us, to be the voice at the back of the room, the background chatter to our triumphs and miseries, World Cups and FA Cups and those hazy Saturday nights spent on the sofa covered in crisp crumbs.

Lawrenson’s talent – and it really was a talent – was simply to drift unobtrusively into our living rooms, say a few words about marking and drift out again largely unnoticed.

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