Mandy Rose lost her NXT Women’s Championship to Iron Survivor Challenge winner Roxanne Perez. Check out Mandy Rose Brand army.

Mandy Rose : Brand army | Not safe for work

Rose began a professional fitness competition career in 2013 and became a bodybuilding competitor the following year.

Mandy Rose : Brand army | Not safe for work

In 2015, she placed second on the WWE competition Tough Enough, after which she signed a contract with WWE and joined the cast of the reality television show Total Divas.

After a brief stint in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT, Rose made her main roster debut in 2017 as part of the short-lived faction Absolution with Paige and Sonya Deville.

For approximately three years, Rose competed alongside Deville and they were known as Fire and Desire.

The two disbanded in March 2020 at WrestleMania 36 and eventually had their own feud that culminated in a Loser Leaves WWE match, which Rose won.

After a brief association with Dana Brooke in 2021, she returned to NXT and formed an alliance with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, dubbed Toxic Attraction.

Mandy Rose brand army 

Mandy Rose lost her NXT Women’s Championship to Iron Survivor Challenge winner Roxanne Perez on the latest edition of NXT on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Mandy Rose was released due to NSFW videos and pictures behind her BrandArmy paywall. That content has surfaced, and it went viral in a big way.

Mandy Rose : Brand army | Not safe for work

There is a video going around of Rose naked in a swimming pool talking to her audience that was meant from her paywall.

That skinny-dipping live stream was not the only NSFW video that the former NXT Champion dropped.

Ringside News will not be posting any of these photos or videos. They were leaked illegally, violating the terms and services of her subscribers’ BrandArmy agreement.

Fans pay a flat rate for access to her paywall, but her NSFW material costs extra.

Rose is likely on a 90-day no-compete clause from her contract with WWE, since she was in NXT on a main roster contract. It’s possible she can pop up on AEW and IMPACT, since they don’t have the same PG mentality that WWE abides to.

Rose won’t be on the main roster again anytime soon, after major success in NXT with the Toxic Attraction faction.

Now Gigi Dolinn and Jacy Jayne will go at it alone for the time being. We will have to see what’s next for all parties involved in this situation.

Not safe for work 

The WWE has received much praise as of late for bringing back some major stars in 2022, and for seemingly making other right moves in the aftermath of Vince McMahon stepping down.

Mandy Rose : Brand army | Not safe for work

It was inevitable that the organization would catch flak before too much time passed, and on the heels of McMahon reportedly wanting to return, a major up-and-coming superstar was just handed her walking papers.

Former NXT champion Mandy Rose was released by the WWE, and after rumors began swirling and pointing to her NSFW content online being the cause, she shared a brief response.

Just one day after Mandy Rose dropped her NXT title to Roxanne Perez on TV, news spread via Fightful Select that the WWE abruptly released her from her contract.

The report alleged that WWE execs felt they had to release Rose due to the NSFW content featured on her FanTime subscription profile.

Recently, video footage from the site was leaked to Twitter and other sites, showing Rose topless and swimming around in a pool. 

The WWE allegedly felt the video, as well as other content on the page, was outside the moral parameters of her contract, and was thus deemed inappropriate and a fireable offense given their partner relationships.

It’s reported that reps at the WWE didn’t believe Mandy Rose was interested in stopping the posts, so she was instead released.

At the time, it’s unknown exactly how that decision played out, as far as how mutual or one-sided it was.

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