Logan Paul made a grand entrance, dropping down on a massive podium before heading to ring. Check out did Logan Paul win against Roman Reigns.

Logan Paul : Did win against Roman Reigns | Crown

Logan Alexander Paul is an American social media personality and professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, performing on their Raw brand.

Logan Paul : Did win against Roman Reigns | Crown

Logan Alexander Paul

April 1, 1995 (age 27)

Westlake, Ohio, U.S.
Education Westlake High School
  • YouTuber
  • social media influencer
  • actor
  • professional wrestler
  • podcaster
Relatives Jake Paul (brother)

Paul has over 23 million subscribers on his own YouTube channel, and has ranked on the Forbes list for the highest paid YouTube creators in 2017, 2018, and 2021.

Paul has also run the Impaulsive podcast since November 2018, which has over 4 million Youtube subscribers.

Did Logan Paul win against Roman Reigns 

In his third professional wrestling match, Logan Paul pushed Roman Reigns to the brink in his quest for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and once again turned heads with his ability, but came up just short at Crown Jewel on Saturday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Reigns and Paul worked methodically, telling the story of the brash stalwart champion who didn’t take the outsider seriously. Reigns’ attitude changed when Paul sent him over the top rope with a clothesline.


Outside the ring, Reigns tossed Paul over the barricade, but inside the ropes, Paul mounted his first serious offense with impressive execution of the Buckshot Lariat for the 2-count. Logan attempted to follow up with a springboard attack, but Roman caught him with a right hand.

Reigns went to work with a back suplex, followed by a flying clothesline and a modified camel clutch. Logan finally responded with a gut-wrench suplex and a blockbuster from the top rope.

Then, Paul channeled the great Shawn Michaels — who trained him for one day in Orlando — with a flying forearm followed by the kip up. Paul was hitting his groove, connecting on a crossbody from the top rope and then a standing moonsault.

The challenger attempted another HBK maneuver, but Reigns countered Sweet Chin Music with a stiff uranage. With Paul laid out, Roman set him up for the Superman Punch, but Paul caught him with a right hand to the kidney and a right hand to the face.

Logan Paul : Did win against Roman Reigns | Crown

And with a bit of disrespect toward Reigns, Paul connected with a Superman Punch of his own for the near fall.

Paul threatened to score the monumental upset when he buried Reigns through an announcers table with a frog splash from the top turnbuckle, complete with cell phone in his left hand.


Logan Paul made a grand entrance, dropping down on a massive podium before heading to the ring.

The two started off tensely, with Roman Reigns taking his time in his beatdown of the maverick.

Paul fought back with a superb clothesline that left Reigns down for a close two-count. Reigns called out YouTube stars as he had a crossface locked on The Media Megastar before Paul rallied by delivering a gut-wrench suplex.

Logan Paul : Did win against Roman Reigns | Crown

Paul had been training with Shawn Michaels ahead of the match and emulated the two-time WWE Hall of Famer by tuning up the band. The Sweet Chin Music attempt was not so sweet, however, as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion turned it around by planting Paul with a uranage. 

Paul nearly shocked the world when he landed his one lucky punch followed by a Superman Punch, but Reigns was able to survive. 

In shades of his win over The Miz at SummerSlam, Paul once again flew through the air, smashing Reigns with a frog splash through a table. This led to The Usos coming out to check on Reigns before pummeling Paul’s entourage with superkicks. 

Logan’s brother Jake Paul came down to the ring, hitting both Usos with his powerful right hand. A huge frog splash from Logan Paul to Reigns couldn’t seal the deal, and Solo Sikoa hit the ringside area and started barking back and forth with Jake Paul. 

During the commotion outside the ring between The Bloodline and the Paul brothers, Reigns recovered and nailed Logan Paul with a Superman Punch followed by a thunderous Spear to continue his legendary reign.

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