Since 2008, Messi has been in a relationship with Antonela Roccuzzo, a fellow native of Rosario. Check out how many kids does messi have.

Lionel Messi : Family | How many kids does have

As fireworks exploded and some 80,000 people roared, Lionel Messi smiled.

Lionel Messi : Family | How many kids does have

His Argentina soccer shirt covered by the bisht the Emir of Qatar had just draped him in – the cape reserved for top officials and sheikhs.

He smiled, he paused, then he hoisted high the World Cup, a lifetime’s dream realised.

For all the accolades, all the awards, the riches, titles and silverware, there had been one stain on his career resume, and it was one he erased forever on a magical World Cup night for Argentina.

“It’s anyone’s childhood dream,” Messi said. “I was lucky to have achieved everything in this career… and this one that was missing is here. It’s madness… look how she (the World Cup) is, she’s gorgeous. I wanted her so much. I had a vision that this would be the one… she was getting closer.”

Lionel messi Family 

The professional soccer star and Roccuzzo met as children and although Messi eventually moved away from Argentina to train in his sport, the two reconnected over a tragedy and eventually fell in love.

Lionel Messi : Family | How many kids does have

“My wife, Antonela, has lots of great qualities,” Messi once told FC Barcelona. “I really admire how she deals with the day to day, she is always in a good mood and she approaches problems admirably. She is highly intelligent and well rounded in all aspects of life.”

Roccuzzo is also extremely supportive of Messi’s career. The model regularly cheers on her husband during his soccer matches, including on Dec. 13, 2022, when she celebrated Messi and the Argentina national football team making the World Cup final with an Instagram post.

She shared photos of herself smiling with their three boys, all four of them in matching #10 jerseys.

The pair met in their hometown of Rosario, Argentina, as children. When Messi was a teenager, he moved to Spain to pursue a soccer career.

In 2005, Roccuzzo’s best friend, Ursula Notz, died in a car accident. After Messi discovered the news, he flew back to Argentina from Spain to comfort his future bride, according to Argentina’s Para Ti.

In 2019, Roccuzzo paid tribute to her late friend in a series of Instagram Stories to raise awareness about traffic accidents in Rosario.

How many kids does Messi have 

Married for five years but together for over a decade, Argentinian soccer player Lionel “Leo” Messi and his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, have three adorable sons together, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro.

Lionel Messi : Family | How many kids does have

While playing soccer has always been his first love, in addition to his longtime partner, Antonela, of course, Leo opened up in an interview about how his kids have shaped his outlook on life: “You grow and you learn. You gather experience in all aspects of life, on and off the field. But, as a human being, having three children changed my perspective on life, my way of thinking, and it also helped me grow.”

The Messi-Roccuzzo boys are always popping up on both their dad’s and mom’s social media; from family-vacation posts to outdoor hangouts, we can always count on seeing one of their cute, smiling faces.

Thiago Messi Roccuzzo was born on Nov. 2, 2012, and is Leo and Antonela’s eldest child. To commemorate the birth of his firstborn son, Leo got Thiago’s handprints and name tattooed on his left calf, which also happens to be his dominant leg.

Born on Sept. 11, 2015, Mateo Messi Roccuzzo is the middle brother in the Messi-Roccuzzo clan and the couple’s second child. 

Leo and Antonela welcomed their third baby boy, Ciro Messi Roccuzzo, on March 10, 2018. It’s a bit early to tell whether or not he will take after his father’s soccer skills; however, one thing we are certain about is how much he looks like his papa! Just like his older brothers, Ciro’s name can be found inked on both his parents: his name and birthdate on Leo’s leg and his name in cursive on Antonela’s outer forearm.

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