LeBron James has finally thrown in the towel. Not on his career, but in the barbershop, as he has seemingly shaved his entire head.

LeBron James : Shaving | Hair | Shaved head | Bald

The 2003 NBA draft class is one of the best of all time. This draft class produced beloved players like Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh.

LeBron James : Shaving | Hair | Shaved head | Bald

The greatest player from that batch is LeBron James, who many believe is the greatest basketball player of all time.

James was destined for greatness even during his high school basketball days. Many compared him to Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, despite only being a teenager.

LeBron skipped college to play in the NBA, suiting up for the Cleveland Cavaliers. During his debut game against the Sacramento Kings, James proved that he belonged in the league.

He nearly accomplished a double-double in the game by recording 25 points and nine assists.


LeBron James has officially done it. After years and years of jokes about his receding hairline, the Los Angeles Lakers star has finally accepted his fate as a balding man, like the millions of 40-ish males out there.

Some, including former NBA veteran Evan Turner, reacted in disbelief that LeBron James actually decided to let go of the locks up top.

LeBron James : Shaving | Hair | Shaved head | Bald

Others remain completely wary given that a bald LeBron has been teased in the past, only for its supporters to be left unfulfilled once the season starts.

The overwhelming majority of reactions predict that this is exactly the move the Lakers needed their superstar to make.

Forget offseason workouts and pick-up games where NBA stars drop 40 on plumbers and low-level professionals.

Nothing signals a monster season quite like channeling your inner Michael Jordan with a clean noggin.

Lebron James hair

LeBron James might be trying something new. 

The NBA icon sent the internet into a frenzy on Tuesday after sharing a picture of himself looking gleeful in a barber’s chair with a seemingly shaved bald head in his Instagram Stories.

LeBron James : Shaving | Hair | Shaved head | Bald

For years, James’ hair has been the brunt of memes, with the ballplayer once laughing at a meme that compared his thinning hair to a Reese’s peanut butter cup that got stuck to the wrapper. 

After his alleged unveiling, fans on Twitter quickly rushed to praise the Lakers star for his new look, with “Bald Bron” becoming a trend on Twitter within hours of James dropping the viral photo on his account. 

“Welcome to [the] baldside my brother we have been waiting for you,” a user wrote. ”@KingJames Some times we have to let go of our hairlines to find true peace and solace.

Now your beard is going to be the star of the show let it shine.”

Another user said: “Lebron finally went bald. He about to win MVP,” alongside a laughing emoji. 

Lebron James shaved head

LeBron James will be entering his 20th season in the NBA with a whole new look. It’s no secret that early on in the career of ‘King James‘ fans mocked him relentlessly for his hairline.

Throughout his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat, jokes about James’ hairline and the headband he wore became common.

In a recent tweet from Bleacher Report, James can be seen debuting a shaved head, along with a grandpa emoji to seal the deal.

Fans were quick to voice their opinions on the four-time champion’s new cut, with most glad to see him embrace the look.

Despite much praise, however, the jokes about LeBron’s fresh cut inevitably began to pour in as well. 

Fans also couldn’t help but notice James’ new cut resembles his character in the animated series ‘Game of Zones’. The series ran from 2014-2020 and gave fans a humorous look at NBA news through a George R.R. Martin-esque lens.


No, sorry, it’s not a trade involving Russell Westbrook.

Instead, we bring news that LeBron James has finally thrown in the towel. Not on his career, but in the barbershop, as he has seemingly shaved his entire head according to this picture he posted on his Instagram story on Tuesday.

So does that mean that LeBron is finally following the same exact path of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant by going completely bald after years of trying to keep that hairline from its constant retreat?

He also posted a video of himself completely bald during the 2017 offseason before his final season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Obviously, once the season started, LeBron had his normal head of hair as he has had for about a decade now.

However, that post from 2017 came in June, nearly 3 months before media day and training camp of that 2017-18 season kicked off. The complete shave early in the offseason could be a routine LeBron has adopted in the past decade as some sort of calculated system to have his hair looking as good as it can for the full season.

But 3 months before media day is far different than six days before media day. Will we really have to adjust our eyes to a brand new, bald LeBron James? It seems we will… unless…

If you look at the top of his head, the lighting around it looks a little funny.

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