Kurt Angle has had many major surgeries over his 21-year pro wrestling career. Check out his weight loss and neck injury here.

Kurt Angle : is sick | Weight loss | Neck injury | Age

Kurt Steven Angle is an American retired professional wrestler, Olympic gold medalist in American freestyle wrestling, and former collegiate wrestler.

Kurt Angle : is sick | Weight loss | Neck injury | Age

Birth name Kurt Steven Angle
Born December 9, 1968
Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
Alma mater Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Karen Jarrett

(m. 1998; div. 2008)

Giovanna Yannotti

(m. 2012)

Children 6

He is best known for his tenures in WWE and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) He is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

While at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Angle won numerous accolades, including being a two-time NCAA Division I Wrestling Champion in the heavyweight division.

After graduating from college, Angle won the gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 1995 World Wrestling Championships. He then won the freestyle wrestling gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics with a broken neck. 

Kurt Angle is sick

Kurt Angle has had the privilege of being inducted into both the WWE Hall of Fame and the TNA Hall of Fame, as well as being recognized as one of the most skilled fighters of any era.

“I’m paying the price for 40 years of wrestling,” admitted Kurt Angle. “My neck, back and knees are not in optimal condition.

Kurt Angle : is sick | Weight loss | Neck injury | Age

I went to the doctor and he told me that an operation is needed on both knees. My back has also been bothering me a lot lately. I have broken my neck five times and will have to have fusion surgery soon. I can’t imagine how much metal there will be in my body in a couple of years” – he joked.

The WWE Hall of Famer has had to live with injuries for about 20 years: “I don’t even remember when was the last time I was free from pain. From 2001 onwards, I was constantly injured. Pain has accompanied me for almost my entire career ”.

Kurt Angle finally commented on Jeff Hardy’s release: “I think I have to look in the mirror and study his next moves well. I think he needs help, but it all depends on him.” In a recent Q&A session, Kurt Angle said McGuinness could’ve been a top star in WWE if he signed with them in his prime.

The Hall of Famer spoke proudly about his TNA matches with McGuinness and hoped they would’ve happened at WrestleMania: “Nigel was incredible. We had an awesome match…our three matches were unbelievable. It was one of my favorite programmes that I worked on in TNA or even WWE.

Kurt Angle Weight loss 

Kurt recently brought up the topic on The Kurt Angle Show, and said his current shape is better than what it was before the Olympics:

“I gained a lot of weight during this pandemic. I got up to 260, and I got my butt down to 210 pounds, so I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, even before the Olympics as far as looks, not on a conditioning level or a strength level. As far as how I look, this is the best I’ve ever looked, and I’m really happy with my progress.”

Kurt Angle : is sick | Weight loss | Neck injury | Age

The Wrestling Machine dismissed rumors of an impending comeback and noted he went through the transformation with the sole purpose of getting back in shape:

“I started training hard again to get my body back in shape and, not that I’m planning on wrestling, but I want to keep the option open. I’ve been training a lot of physical therapy training, working on my smaller muscles, my core, everything like that. I lost a lot during this pandemic.

I couldn’t even walk in a straight line, my balance was off, my strength was off and I was going through a really difficult time. I went through a lot of depression, too.”

Kurt Angle recently spoke about his current WWE status.

The six-time world champion said plans were in place for him, which were canceled at the last second. As far as his status with WWE is concerned, Angle said he’s not under any type of contract with the promotion:

“I’m not signed with WWE by any means. Didn’t cut a deal. That whole program got canceled at the last second, so it never happened. Unfortunate, but sometimes they have different plans for these guys and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Neck injury 

Many people know that Kurt Angle won the Olympic Gold Medal with a “broken freakin’ neck”, but how many times has he broken his neck throughout his wrestling career?

Kurt Angle : is sick | Weight loss | Neck injury | Age

The answer is five. Four of these injuries came during his WWE career. The first came during his national trials before the Olympics.

When Kurt Angle was wrestling in the semi-finals of the national trials, his opponent dropped him on his neck. As a result, ‘The Wrestling Machine’ suffered multiple injuries to his neck.

These injuries involved the bones as well as the muscles surrounding the neck. Thankfully, these injuries didn’t stop the WWE Hall of Famer from qualifying for the Olympics and winning the gold.

Also the neck injury came in 2003. Brock Lesnar whipped Kurt Angle to the turnbuckle at WWE No Way Out 2003. Angle’s neck whiplashed and broke at that time. However, both stars still wrestled each other at WrestleMania XIX in a very physical match.

Lesnar suffered a neck injury during that match while performing a Shooting Star Press. Eight months later, Lesnar broke Angle’s neck once more while hitting him with a chair.

The following year, Kurt Angle broke his neck yet again during his match against Eddie Guerrero. On April 15, 2004 episode of SmackDown, Big Show chokeslammed the former Raw General Manager off a ledge. This led to further damage to the American Hero’s neck.

Kurt Angle’s latest neck injury came at WWE No Way Out 2006 when he faced The Undertaker. He left WWE in 2006 and joined TNA as he had multiple injuries and felt mentally unfit. He offered his thoughts regarding his WWE departure in an episode of the Kurt Angle Show.


Angle was born in the Pittsburgh suburb of Mt. Lebanon Township, Pennsylvania, the son of Jackie and David Angle.

Kurt Angle : is sick | Weight loss | Neck injury | Age

He attended Clarion University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a degree in education in 1993.

  • Age  :  54 Years.

Angle has four older brothers (one of whom, Eric, is also a wrestler) and a sister, Le’Anne, who died in 2003.

His father, a crane operator, was killed in a construction accident when Angle was 16, and Angle dedicated both his career and his autobiography to his father.

Angle stated in an interview that, following the death of his father, he regarded his wrestling coach, David Schultz, as a paternal figure.

While training Angle, Schultz was murdered in January 1996 by John Eleuthère du Pont, the sponsor of Schultz’s team of Olympic prospectives.

Angle’s mother died of cancer in 2015. He is of Italian, Irish, English, German, and Lithuanian descent.

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