Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva has been given a four-year ban for doping after initially being cleared. Check it out here.

Kamila Valieva : Ban | Gold medal | Olympics 2023

Valieva is the current world record holder for the women’s short program, free skating, and total scores.

Kamila Valieva : Ban | Gold medal | Olympics 2023

She has set eight world records during her career. She is the first female skater to break the 250-, 260- and 270-point thresholds in the total score (all within one season), the first to break the 170- and 180-point thresholds in the free skate, and the first to break the 90-point threshold in the short program.

Aldo she is the second woman to land the quadruple toe loop after training partner and teammate Alexandra Trusova, the fourth woman to land a quadruple jump of any kind, the 16th woman to land a triple Axel, and the third woman to land a triple Axel and quadruple jump in the same program after Alysa Liu and training partner and teammate Sofia Akateva.

On 29 January 2024, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled in Valieva’s doping case involving the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), International Skating Union (ISU) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) imposing a four year ban backdated to 25 December 2021, and the disqualification of all competitive results from that date.

Kamila Valieva ban

Kamila Valieva, the teenage Russian figure skater whose positive doping test upended her sport at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and kept more than a dozen other athletes from receiving their medals, was banned from competition for four years on Monday by the top court in sports.

The punishment, announced by a three-member arbitration panel at the Swiss-based Court of Arbitration for Sport, was related to a tainted sample that Valieva, who was 15 at the time, had given at the Russian national championships only weeks before the Games.

The ban will be retroactive to the date she gave the sample, Dec. 25, 2021, meaning it will end in time for Valieva to compete at the next Winter Olympics, in Italy in 2026. Now 17, Valieva was ordered to forfeit “any titles, awards, medals, profits, prizes and appearance money” earned after her positive doping sample was collected.

The decision, arriving almost two years after the end of the Beijing Games, is most likely the final twist in a yearslong fight that wove together threads familiar to followers of recent Olympics: athletic greatness, Russian doping, bitter accusations and whispers of coverups.

Valieva had claimed that her failed drug test came after she mistakenly took a heart medication, trimetazidine, prescribed to her grandfather. It was one of three medications found in her sample, but efforts to immediately eject her from the Games were unsuccessful.

Russia’s antidoping body eventually cleared Valieva of wrongdoing, not because of her explanation but because of her age: It ruled that she could not be held responsible because she was a minor, and therefore a “protected person.”

The CAS panel, in Monday’s decision, dismissed that premise. “There is no basis under the rules to treat them any differently from an adult athlete,” the arbitrators wrote.

Kamila Valieva gold medal

Members of the U.S. Olympic figure skating team learned late Monday they will receive gold medals now that Russian skater Kamila Valieva has been disqualified for doping at the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing.

Kamila Valieva : Ban | Gold medal | Olympics 2023

The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee received word that the IOC would award the gold to the U.S. for the team competition, which was thrown into turmoil after Valieva’s positive test from six weeks before the competition was revealed.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of an email sent from the IOC to the USOPC saying it “is now in position to award the medals in accordance with the ranking, which has to be established by the International Skating Union” — the federation in charge of running the event at the Olympics.

The USOPC confirmed that CEO Sarah Hirshland had received the news that the Americans were declared the winners.

The IOC said it had “great sympathy with the athletes who have had to wait for two years to get the final results of their competition. The IOC will contact the respective (national Olympic committees) in order to organize a dignified Olympic medal ceremony.”

Still uncertain is how Valieva’s disqualification will affect the silver and bronze medals. Japan finished third and is likely to move to second. Depending on how a scoring rule is interpreted, Russia could still finish third — ahead of Canada — even after deducting Valieva’s points from the two events she skated in during the team event.

Olympics 2023

 Despite the disqualification of Kamila Valieva in a doping case, the Russia figure skating team was set to get bronze medals from the 2022 Beijing Olympics, the sport’s governing body said on Tuesday.

Kamila Valieva : Ban | Gold medal | Olympics 2023

The United States is the new Olympic champion in the team event and Japan gets upgraded to silver from bronze.

The demoted Russians get third place by a single point ahead of fourth-placed Canada even when stripped of the points star skater Valieva earned on the ice.

Valieva was disqualified by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Monday from all of her events since December 2021 and banned for four years in a doping case that took almost two years to resolve. She was 15 during the Beijing Olympics. She turns 18 in April.

The International Skating Union published an amended points table from the Beijing competition that took Valieva’s maximum 10 points from each of her two events but did not add an extra point to the other teams below her.

The final decision on awarding medals is for the International Olympic Committee, which the ISU said was consulted before completing its duty as the event organizer to amend the result.

“The ISU is in close contact with the International Olympic Committee and the relevant ISU member federations in regard to the implementation of this decision,” the governing body said.

The decision could be open to legal challenge by Canada because other teams did not have their points increased to take account of Valieva being disqualified.

Canada still gets eight points out of 10 from the women’s short program and free skate sections, where its skater was Madeline Schizas.

The Canadian skate federation likely can challenge the ISU decision at CAS.

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