Hawaiian surf and skate phenom Kalani David died of a seizure today while surfing in Costa Rica. Check out his cause of death, wiki here.

Kalani David : Death | Cause of death | Surfing | Wiki

David was born in Costa Rica and came to Hawaii when I was 4 years old. I was very lucky I had parents who were open to so many cool things! Surfing, skating, racing motorcycles, and playing drums every day, for the next 5 years was pretty much all I did.

Kalani David : Death | Cause of death | Surfing | Wiki

He said , I won the Mr. Hawaiian Tropic title, when I was 9 years old, and rode in parades through Waikiki. I’ve surfed and skated in a couple big screen movies during those early years too.

Hawaii was such an amazing place, with so many opportunities for someone who loved surfing and skating! I grew up surfing in the Hawaiian Amateur Surfing Associations, and spent the summer skating parks up and down the California coast.

I really enjoyed competing in both, surfing and skateboarding events.

Kalani David death

The Hawaiian surf and skate prodigy Kalani David, who was twenty-four, has died of a seizure while surfing in Costa Rica, prompting a torrent of grief and love for the troubled kid.

Nathan Florence, Taylor Steele, Eli Olson, Kaipo Guerriero, Pat O’Connell, Zeke Law, poured out their sorrow over David’s death.

Kalani David : Death | Cause of death | Surfing | Wiki

As a teen, David was ranked higher than superstar skaters Bobby Burnquist and Bucky Laskek all the while competing as a surfer in the World Juniors Championships in Bali.

Hawaiian-born David suffered from Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome and seizures had become a part of life, at one point even undergoing open-heart surgery following a six-hour episode at home in Oahu.

Cause of death 

As it is, was, Kalani’s life, living with a chronic health condition that would eventually kill him, demonstrates, as if any demonstration was necessary, the chaos and randomness of our existence. 

Kalani David : Death | Cause of death | Surfing | Wiki

Flooded with sponsor cash by RVCA as a kid, Kalani was touted as the world’s first genuine crossover surfer, skater.

  • Cause of death  :  Died of a seizure

When he was eighteen, Kalani’s heart stopped while skating in Oceanside, California, tests determining the kid was suffering from  Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, where an extra muscle forms on the heart causing its wild revving.

Two weeks ago, he posted a skate clip on Instagram that has now become a place where friends are leaving their tributes following his death in Costa Rica yesterday.


Like Finn McGill, Kalani David is another young Hawaiian with talent above the lip, and he’s ecstatic to get a shot at the Airborne World Title in 2019.

David was personally invited to the Airborne France last September by Josh Kerr, and after landing one of the airs of the event and making the Final, he earned his way into all three stops on this year’s Airborne schedule: Gold Coast, Bali and France.

Kalani David : Death | Cause of death | Surfing | Wiki

“It’s crazy,” said David. “I’ve been telling people about it, like, I made the CT! But just for airs [laughs]. I’m really just still in shock that it’s all finally happening on the WSL stage.”

Yeah. I really like how we surfed in groups in France, and how the whole contest doesn’t take very long. I grew up doing skate contests, like Dew Tour and all of that, so I’m used to this format, and I love this format.

There’s no pressure – you just go out and do the biggest thing you can do. And you’re actually more inspired by your competitors, rather than jealous when they get a good wave or score.

Kalani David wiki

Kalani David is without question one of the best surfer/skaters in the world. He routinely wins big-time contests in each sport and he’s looking to compete at the highest professional level in the water and on wheels.

  • Age  :  24
  • Stance  : Regular
  • Global Rank  :  7,316

Doctors told him he was living on a knife’s edge, that he could die anytime. And if it happened in the surf, ain’t nothing he could do. He’d drown. 

In January 2017,  doctors opened the kid up to try and fix the prob.

Before the op, Kalani wrote,

“Getting my surgery done today, but I have one thing to say before his happens… The doctor said I’m lucky to even be alive after seizing for more than 6 hours. Which I was dead for 2 days. I’m going into heart surgery right now to get this extra piece of muscle burned. I gotta move on with my life and focus on my career. I love you Keoni just know that, I’m always here for you, love you boo boo your big brother Kalani.”

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