Astros ace Justin Verlander said his rehab from a right calf injury is progressing. Check out why Justin Verlander was in rehab and his age.

Justin Verlander : Why was in rehab | Daughter | Age

Verlander is a nine-time MLB All-Star and has led the AL in strikeouts five times, in earned run average twice, and in wins three times. He was the AL Rookie of the Year in 2006, and in 2007 pitched the first no-hitter at Comerica Park versus the Milwaukee Brewers.

Justin Verlander : Why was in rehab | Daughter | Age

In 2009, he led the AL in wins and strikeouts, both for the first time. Verlander produced his most successful season in 2011, including his second career no-hitter versus the Toronto Blue Jays.

By season’s end, Verlander won the Pitching Triple Crown, the AL Cy Young Award unanimously, the AL Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award, and the Sporting News Player of the Year Award.

Justin Verlander why was in Rehab

Phillies Game 5 starter Noah Syndergaard and his counterpart on the Houston Astros, flamethrower Justin Verlander, both underwent Tommy John surgery in 2020.

They’re among hundreds of major leaguers who’ve had the operation since surgeon Frank Jobe first performed it in 1974. The procedure is nicknamed for his first patient, Dodgers pitcher Tommy John, who recovered well enough to pitch 14 more seasons.

Justin Verlander : Why was in rehab | Daughter | Age

The surgery involves reconstructing the ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow, typically by attaching a tendon that is taken from elsewhere in the patient’s body. Many pitchers and other athletes return close to preinjury form, but a good recovery requires months of rehab.

Throwing a baseball at high speed places tremendous strain on the arm, especially for those who do it 90 or 100 times a game, on more than 30 occasions each season.

The ulnar collateral ligament, located on the inside of the elbow, bears an especially high strain, as the pitcher cocks it sideways before snapping the arm forward, Kearns said.

“Imagine revving your car’s engine up to 9,000 RPMs,” Kearns said. “That’s kind of what you’re doing to that elbow.”

Justin Verlander : Why was in rehab | Daughter | Age

Some players need Tommy John surgery because they’ve suffered acute tears in the ligament. More often, the ligament has simply become stretched out, Osterman said.

Justin Verlander Daughter 

Celebrating the Houston Astros! As the Major League Baseball (MLB) team clinched their second-ever World Series championship, pitcher Justin Verlander was elated to share the special day with wife Kate Upton and their daughter.

“It’s all an incredible experience,” the supermodel, 30, gushed to Fox Sports on Saturday, November 5, of watching her man’s team win Game 6 of the championship.

“Having Justin home and being able to be together as a family is so amazing and then to go to the exact extreme and be here at the World Series and then win is just so exciting and so worth it. We miss him every time he goes away.”

Justin Verlander : Why was in rehab | Daughter | Age

Upton and Verlander, who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary earlier this month, welcomed their first child in November 2018.

“She’s been the most amazing woman and mom,” the baseball star exclusively told Us Weekly in March 2019 of watching his wife embrace parenthood. “I knew that she would set a great example for our daughter, no matter what. It’s the person that she is, it’s the person who I married. I’ve always appreciated her for her strength.”

He continued at the time: “But just seeing her interact, all the nurturing and everything that goes on with being a mother, it’s been tremendous to watch. I know it’s not easy for her either, but it’s quite a connection that they have, and it’s really special for me to be able to witness that and be a part of it.”


As of 2022, he is 39 years old. 

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