Josh Giddey, who plays for Oklahoma City Thunder, has been abused by opposing club fans. Check out Josh Giddey minor video and investigation.

Josh Giddey : Minor video | Investigation | Age when drafted

The NBA has shown in the recent past that it is willing to discipline players just for tarnishing its brand. So the league’s remarkably passive stance on Josh Giddey, a 21-year-old Oklahoma City Thunder guard, seems strangely out of place.

Josh Giddey : Minor video | Investigation | Age when drafted

Giddey is still playing. But he is under separate investigations by the league and by police in Newport Beach, California, amid suspicion that he had intimate contact with an underage girl in 2021.

Giddey declined to comment on the allegations at a November news conference during practice, telling reporters that “for right now I don’t have anything to say.” NBC News reached out to Giddey’s agent for comment on Thursday.

The NBA had opened its own investigation into the claims. Spokesperson Michael Bass told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the league was aware of the findings in the police probe and was “continuing our review” of the allegations.

Josh Giddey minor video 

Earlier this season, OKC Thunder’s Josh Giddey was reported as being in an alleged relationship with a minor.

Most fans weren’t happy with it and have patiently waited until the investigation was finalized. Now, the case has finally been closed and people are eager to find out what will happen to Giddey.

According to the Newport Beach Police Department, the case is officially closed. This came after the authorities found no corroborating evidence to prove that he was guilty of it. The people involved with the investigation refused to talk to authorities, which puts Giddey out of the microscope.

The NBA wanted to find out more details regarding the alleged relationship between Giddey and the minor. But Commissioner Adam Silver and the league took a step back when authorities got involved.

Reports state that the alleged minor and her family were not willing to cooperate with the authorities. Giddey, on the other hand, has not released any further statement regarding the case other than saying that he won’t give further comment on the matter.

Since then, Giddey has played consistently for the Thunder and has been pretty active in playing. He’s averaging 11.8 points, 6.1 rebounds and 4.6 assists, which are some of the lowest numbers of his career.

While Josh Giddey has met a significant amount of criticism for his alleged relationship with a minor, the team still sees his value as one of their core players.

Head coach Mark Daigneault commented on the Australian star’s improvement from his sluggish start at the season.

Josh Giddey investigation 

The Newport Beach Police Department announced Wednesday it had closed its investigation into an alleged inappropriate relationship between Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey and an underage girl in California.

Josh Giddey : Minor video | Investigation | Age when drafted

Giddey has continued to play for the Thunder since the anonymous claims made on social media in November.

While Giddey will not face charges in California, where the age of consent is 18, the NBA’s review is ongoing.

The since-deleted posts went viral on social media in the early morning hours on Nov. 23 and showed a man who appeared to be Giddey with a female, but it is unknown when the photos and video were taken.

Famed attorney Gloria Allred confirmed Dec. 4 that she was representing the family of the girl Giddey was accused of having an impropriate relationship with.

When asked on Thursday in Salt Lake City ahead of the Thunder’s game against the Jazz about how he can shift his focus to basketball again now that the Newport Beach PD investigation is closed, Josh Giddey responded with a generic statement: “I get that you have to ask that, but I have no comment regarding that situation.”

The NBA’s investigation into the Giddey situation is ongoing, the league told The Oklahoman on Wednesday.

But in an interview with ESPN’s “NBA Today” in December, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the league would wait until the police investigation concluded before taking any action.

Age when Josh Giddey drafted 

On 27 April 2021, Giddey declared for the 2021 NBA draft, where he was projected to be a lottery pick.

On 29 July, he was drafted as the sixth overall pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder, and on 8 August, Giddey signed a contract with the Thunder.

Josh Giddey : Minor video | Investigation | Age when drafted

That same day, he suffered an ankle injury five minutes into his NBA Summer League debut and was ruled out for the rest of the competition as a precautionary measure.

On 20 October, Giddey made his NBA debut, putting up four points, 10 rebounds, and three assists in a 107–86 loss to the Utah Jazz.

On 27 October, Giddey recorded his first double-double with 18 points and 10 assists in a 123–115 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, while also becoming the third-youngest player to record at least 10 assists in a game, behind only LeBron James, who did so twice.

Giddey was named the NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month for games played in October/November.

On 26 December 2021, Giddey became the second player in NBA history, after Norm Van Lier, to record a scoreless double-double, as he compiled ten assists and ten rebounds in the Thunder’s 117–112 win over the New Orleans Pelicans.

Giddey was named the NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month for games played in December.

On 2 January 2022, Giddey became the youngest ever player to record a triple-double, with 17 points, 14 assists, and 13 rebounds in a 95–86 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, surpassing the previous record set by LaMelo Ball.

Giddey was named the NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month for games played in January and again in February, winning the award four consecutive times.

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