Josh Allen tells PEOPLE about his first big splurge after making the NFL as the Buffalo Bills quarterback. Check out his Peppa Pig Commercial

Josh Allen : Peppa Pig Commercial | Paramount Commercial

Allen grew up on a 3,000-acre (1,200 ha) cotton farm near Firebaugh, California, a small town about 40 miles (64 km) west of Fresno, California.

Josh Allen : Peppa Pig Commercial | Paramount Commercial

His family has lived in the area since his great-grandfather, who emigrated from Sweden in 1907, settled there during the Great Depression.

The farm where he was raised was established in 1975 by his paternal grandfather, who was also a longtime member of the local school board and namesake of the gymnasium of Firebaugh High School, from which Allen graduated in 2014.

Growing up as a Fresno State fan who regularly attended both games and football camps, Allen tried to draw the interest of the program’s coaching staff; his father tried to sell the Bulldogs’ head coach at the time, Tim DeRuyter, on him, but DeRuyter chose not to offer a scholarship.

DeRuyter was not alone in this assessment; Allen received no scholarship offers from any NCAA Division I program—whether in the top-level FBS or second-tier FCS. 

Josh Allen Peppa Pig Commercial 

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is sharing some screen time with a lovable animated pig and an angry robot in a new online ad.

The ad for the streaming service Paramount+ shows Allen demonstrating his throwing arm to Peppa Pig, leading to Transformer villain Scourge attempting a showdown.

The plan doesn’t go quite as anticipated for Scourge, who suffers from a frozen shooting arm atop “Paramount Mountain.”

Other Paramount properties make quick cameos as well, including Dora the Explorer, Optimus Prime and a trio of NFL announcers.

The ad is the service’s latest example in synergetic marketing, aiming to highlight the multiple franchises available. It also highlights their NFL offerings just ahead of the Bills’ wild card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Allen is a former University of Wyoming quarterback and was drafted by the Bills in 2018.

Allen then advises him to warm up and demonstrates how to loosen his shoulder.

Scourge then shoots his cannon into a mountain and receives an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from a referee.

Allen is continuing his role as a spokesperson for Paramount+. He was part of an ad campaign for the streaming service before the season.

During the season, Nantz has noted that Allen has been a good actor in drawing roughing the passer calls.

Paramount Commercial 

Paramount+ has found a niche with the “Paramount Mountain” line of commercials. The ads see several characters under the studio’s banner interact in amusing ways.

Josh Allen : Peppa Pig Commercial | Paramount Commercial

In the newest one, uploaded to YouTube on January 12, football star Josh Allen shows off his quarterback skills to Peppa Pig.

Upon hearing that Allen has “a cannon for an arm,” a threatening-looking Terrorcon from the Transformers franchise appears to insist his literal arm cannon is far superior. Of course, he has difficulty showing it off, much to his dismay.

According to Adweek, the commercial is also slated to air during the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills playoff game on January 14.

Josh Allen plays for the Bills, so the star quarterback will be omnipresent during the broadcast. There will be another trek up the mountain for the Super Bowl this year on February 11.

Adweek states how Paramount+ has another spot within this campaign lined up to air during the big game, but details on what it will entail are unknown.

It’s unclear if Scourge will return for the Super Bowl ad, but Transformers have been fixtures through the Paramount Mountain campaign.

Bumblebee appears in an ad focusing on Mr. Garvey (Keegan-Michael Key) from “Key & Peele.” Therefore, fans of Autobots, Decepticons, and Terrorcons should keep their eyes peeled during Super Bowl LVIII.

The commercial features Allen (NFL) and Peppa Pig (Nickelodeon) hanging out at the “Paramount Mountain.” Of course Allen is in uniform to prepare for the cold temperatures in Buffalo ahead of this weekend’s frigid Wild Card game against the Steelers.

When Allen prepares to throw a long one for Peppa, evil Transformer Terrorcon shows up to show off his real arm cannon. But Jim Nantz and Tony Romo are there! And so are Tracy Wolfson and Dora the Explorer to report from the sidelines!

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