Jordan Poole Was Trending For Reportedly Dropping $500K On First Date With Rapper Ice Spice. Check out full details in this article.

Jordan Poole : 500k first date | First shot | Zendaya

Nicknamed “Poole Party”, Poole received assignments for two seasons in the G-League before becoming an integral part of the NBA team’s rotation starting in 2021.

Jordan Poole : 500k first date | First shot | Zendaya

He led the NBA in free throw percentage for the 2021–22 NBA season and went on to win an NBA championship with the Warriors the same season.

As a freshman at Rufus King High School in Wisconsin, Poole once made a three-point shot to tie a game in the closing seconds after coming off the bench.

Poole visited Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Drake and Marquette as a blue chip high school basketball recruit.

Then, he visited Michigan for the September 26 football game between the 2015 Wolverines and BYU, receiving an offer that weekend. He returned to campus on October 17 for the rivalry game against Michigan State.

Jordan poole 500k first date 

The Golden State Warriors fell to .500 again and are in seventh place in the West. But guard Jordan Poole doesn’t seem to mind, as he is reportedly dating rapper Ice Spice and dropped $500K on a shopping spree for their first date.

Jordan Poole : 500k first date | First shot | Zendaya

This hasn’t been confirmed and there are reports that this is downright fabricated by MediaTakeout and those first reporting it.

However, two young superstars in the world of music and athletics potentially hooking up is always going to get the social media rumor mill excited with the possibilities.

The young rap star from the Bronx hasn’t been associated with any men yet, so if this is true at all, then Poole is definitely trying to move to the head of the line.

“He took her shopping for a full day,” a friend of the female rapper told MediaTakeout. “They bought clothes from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and all that.”

The friend also said Poole purchased a new whip for Spice. “He bought her a new Maybach truck.”

Poole seems to have recovered, at least socially, from the preseason incident with teammate Draymond Green.

During a practice, Green walked over to Poole and knocked him down with a punch to face. The incident had been building throughout training camp and came to a boil. Rumors circulated it was about Poole being too cocky as he was about to secure a massive contract extension

Jordan poole First shot

Jordan Poole might end up being the story of the 2022-23 Golden State Warriors. And not in a good way.

The latest chapter came in Tuesday’s 117-112 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, when Poole tested fate, the basketball gods, the big mo and the patience of Warriors fans all over the world with a late heave 30-plus feet from the rim.

After a Warriors fourth-quarter run that took the score from 112-98 to 112-112, D’Angelo Russell hit a layup and LeBron James made one free throw to put the Lakers back up three.

The score stayed there for over a minute, thanks in large part to this prayer from Poole on Golden State’s last meaningful possession.

Even with the scoring stall that preceded that play, it still felt like momentum was with the Warriors. The clank on the side of the rim, followed by Dennis Schröder’s rebound (and eventual game-sealing free throws) killed it.

The debate between Channing Frye, Taylor Rooks and Tyrese Haliburton wasn’t exclusive to that crew. It spilled over onto NBA Twitter, where it was probably even more lopsided than it was.

Prior to the now infamous attempt, Poole was 6-of-10 from deep. One of his triples came during the 14-0 run that gave the Warriors a chance. Since the start of last season, he’s sixth in the league in 30-footers. He has that kind of range. He was hot.


There was no shortage of stars on Thursday night’s Game 2 action between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jordan Poole : 500k first date | First shot | Zendaya

One celebrity that caught the eye of the viewers at home was none other than Hollywood a-lister Zendaya, who was repping the Dubs with her Warriors hat on.

NBA Twitter was swooning over the 26-year-old, and her courtside appearance had them calling for a big game for Jordan Poole.

For those that require context, Poole gained social media infamy after he once went off after supposedly spotting a couple of “baddies” sitting courtside.

His legend then grew eacht time he had a big game whenever a pretty lady was spotted courtside.

Just ask the fans who were looking forward to another “baddie game” from JP after they took notice of Zendaya’s radiance in the crowd for Game 2.

We all know that it’s a bit of a stretch every time, but it clearly doesn’t take away from the comedy behind the narrative.

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