Joe Burrow is an American football quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL. check out Joe burrow my cause my cleats.

Joe Burrow : my cause my cleats | Foundation | stats

Joseph Lee Burrow was born in Ames, Iowa, on December 10, 1996, the son of Robin and Jim Burrow.

Joe Burrow : my cause my cleats | Foundation | stats

Jim is a former football player and coach whose career lasted over 40 years. Burrow was born in Ames when his father was on the coaching staff at Iowa State University.

According to a 2019 Sports Illustrated story, “The Burrow athletic lineage dates back nearly a century.” In the 1940s, his paternal grandmother set a Mississippi state high school record with an 82-point game in basketball.

His paternal grandfather played basketball at Mississippi State; his uncle, John Burrow, played football at Ole Miss; and two older brothers also played football at Nebraska.

Joe burrow my cause my cleats 

The annual My Cause, My Cleats initiative occurs during this week’s slate of NFL games.

My Cause, My Cleats started in 2016. The campaign creates a platform for players and coaches to raise awareness for non-profit organizations and causes near and dear to them during their games.

Joe Burrow : my cause my cleats | Foundation | stats

Players around the league are allowed to break uniform policy to showcase personalized cleats to highlight those causes in Week 13.

Players on teams who do not have Week 13 games will have the opportunity to participate in Week 14.

“Our players are passionate supporters of many charitable causes and serve as changemakers in their communities,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

“We are excited to build upon last year’s success and work with our players to expand this unique platform that enables them to raise awareness for causes they support.”

All players and coaches have the option to donate their cleats to NFL Auction with 100% of the proceeds going to the player’s respected cause.

Fans have the opportunity to get their favorite player’s cleats for a great cause by participating. 

Joe  Burrow Foundation

The mission of The Joe Burrow Foundation is to provide resources and support to the underprivileged and underserved in Ohio and Louisiana.

Burrow and his parents started the foundation in October to do their part to help those in need as “everyone has the responsibility to do good.”

Joe Burrow : my cause my cleats | Foundation | stats

On December 14, 2019, Joe Burrow was selected as the 85th winner of the Heisman Memorial Trophy, an annual award for the most outstanding player in college football. That night, in his acceptance speech, his mind and his words focused not just on football, but on people he knew who were underprivileged and underserved.

With that night as a springboard, Joe and his parents, with business and community leaders from Ohio and Louisiana, founded The Joe Burrow Foundation.

The primary focus is helping children with mental illness and those experiencing food insecurity. The Joe Burrow Foundation promises to bring to these children the same passion, dedication and creative energy displayed by Joe on the football field.

Joe’s parents, Jimmy and Robin, are obviously proud of his remarkable success on the field. They are equally proud of his efforts off the field and in the community.

The Burrows ask you to join with Joe and this effort and give to the Joe Burrow Foundation because, “Everyone has a responsibility to do good.”


Burrow was one of 58 players invited to the 2020 NFL Draft, where he was selected first overall by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Joe Burrow : my cause my cleats | Foundation | stats

Career NFL statistics as of Week 13, 2022
Passing attempts: 1,364
Passing completions: 934
        Completion percentage:          68.2%
TD–INT: 72–27          
Passing yards: 10,745
Passer rating: 100.7

He was the third-consecutive Heisman-winning quarterback to be selected first overall, following Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. Burrow signed his four-year rookie contract, worth $36.1 million, on July 31, 2020.

In Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Burrow struggled throughout the game, throwing for 338 yards and two touchdowns, but committed a career-high five turnovers, which included losing a fumble and throwing four interceptions, along with being sacked seven times in the 23–20 overtime loss.

In Week 6 against the New Orleans Saints, Burrow threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns, and rushed for an additional touchdown in the 30-26 comeback win.

The next week against the Atlanta Falcons, Burrow finished the game throwing for 481 yards and three touchdowns, and rushed for an additional touchdown in the 35-17 win. Burrow also threw for 345 yards in the first half.

This was Burrow’s fifth game with over 400 passing yards, setting an NFL record for the most 400-yard games in a player’s first three seasons.

It was also his second game with over 500 yards of offense and four touchdowns, making him the first player to accomplish this multiple times.

Burrow was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week as a result of his performance.

In Week 8 on Monday Night Football against the Cleveland Browns, Burrow completed 25 of 35 attempts for 232 yards, two touchdowns, one interception, and lost a fumble in a 13-32 blowout loss.

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