Jimmy White will play Ryan Day in the last 32 of the UK Snooker Championship in York. Check out his Wig , world titles and net worth here.

Jimmy White : Wig | World titles | Wife | Net worth

White was born in Streathbourne Road, Tooting, London, England, and studied at Ernest Bevin School.

Jimmy White : Wig | World titles | Wife | Net worth

He never achieved academic success, as he was often truant from school from the age of eight or nine, spending more and more time at Ted Zanoncelli’s snooker hall.

It was around this time that White met Tony Meo with whom he would compete in money matches in many venues. His natural aptitude for snooker led to a successful amateur career.

After winning the English Amateur Championship in 1979, a year later he became the youngest ever winner of the World Amateur Snooker Championship, aged 18, a record since surpassed by Ian Preece and Hossein Vafaei.

Jimmy White wig

Jimmy had one of those procedures to place a skin graft on his bald patch. These interventions rarely take and often make an unsightly scar. So yes he wears a wig.

Jimmy White : Wig | World titles | Wife | Net worth


If I’d read Jimmy White’s new autobiography before setting off to Leicester to meet him, I would have known to pack a toothbrush.

On the eve of publication, most authors follow a disciplined publicity schedule, and so I naively imagine that our interview will take place at 7pm as arranged.

But White approaches self-promotion with the same shambolic carelessness that characterised his snooker career.

Having finished his book by the time I arrive, I’m not the least surprised to learn that he is still somewhere on an unidentified motorway. Each time I call his mobile number (which ends 147147, of course) he is both charming and quite unflustered, and eventually we sit down together in the Holiday Inn bar a little before 11pm.

When he first electrified the stuffy world of snooker in the early 80s, winning the world title looked like a formality.

Fans fell in love with a recklessly daring working-class lad who’d been bunking off school since the age of nine to play in dodgy south London snooker dives. If only the renegade image had been a clever PR invention, White might well have won his first world championship final back in 1984.

Jimmy White world titles 

With a host of major titles and achievements, including ten ranking tournaments, White’s overall record ranks him well up the list of snooker’s most successful players. The BBC describes him as a “legend”.

Jimmy White : Wig | World titles | Wife | Net worth

A left-hander, he reached the World Professional Championship Final on six occasions (1984, 1990–1994) but failed to win the sport’s most prestigious title since his first attempt in 1981.

Nonetheless, his consistency waned in the 2000s and a first-round defeat in the 2006 World Championship saw White drop out of the world’s top 32 player rankings.

White’s continued slide down the rankings saw him drop to 65th but he recovered slightly to move up to no. 56 for the 2009–10 season.

White is one of only seven players to have completed a maximum break at the Crucible Theatre, doing so in the 1992 World Snooker Championship. He has compiled more than 300-century breaks during his career.

White’s greatest achievement of his young career was in winning the English Amateur Championships. In the London Section, he beat M Goodchild 4–0, D Asbury 4–3, R Birt 4–0, Tony Meo 4–2 in the semi-finals and Danny Adds 4–1 in the final. 

White lost in the semifinals of the 2022 UK Seniors Championship to eventual runner up and reigning seniors champion David Lilley, 4-2.

In May 2022, once again at the World Seniors Championship, White beat Wael Talaat and Rory McLeod, to advance to the semifinals for the fourth year in a row.


He has been married to Kelly Singh since 2013.

Jimmy White : Wig | World titles | Wife | Net worth

And he recently revealed that how the beautiful brunette, who is 23 years his junior, helped him quit boozing and drugs.

They first met around 10 years ago at a pro snooker event, where Jimmy lied about his age and Jade claimed she didn’t know he was famous.

Now, she divides her time between her hometown of Blackpool and the former Masters champions’ Surrey home.

She had just started out as a walk-on girl and didn’t know who anyone was.

So, Jimmy thought he would chance his arm and lie about his age.

“He told me he was 35 when I met him, I didn’t even know who he was or that he was famous,” Jade told the Mirror.

White was instantly smitten.

“I had this special feeling straight away when I met Jade,” he divulged.

Net worth 

Jimmy White is an English professional snooker player who has a net worth of $9 million. 

Jimmy White : Wig | World titles | Wife | Net worth

Net Worth: $9 Million
Date of Birth: May 2, 1962 (60 years old)    
Gender: Male
Nationality: England

He became the first left handed player to record a maximum break at the World Championship and was the second player in history to do so.

His highest career ranking ins #2 and he has won nearly five million pounds.

He is also a talented pool and poker player and was awarded an MBE in 1999. His autobiography was released in 2014.

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