Former Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas took to social media to announce that he is gay. Check out whether he is gay or not, in this article.

Iker casillas : Gay | Carles Puyol | Wife | Heart attack

Casillas was born on 20 May 1981 in Móstoles, province of Madrid, to José Luis Casillas, a civil servant in the Ministry of Education, and María del Carmen Fernández González, a hairdresser. Both his parents had moved from their home of Navalacruz, Ávila.

Iker casillas : Gay | Carles Puyol | Wife | Heart attack

Casillas has a brother, seven years younger, named Unai, who used to play as a central midfielder for CD Móstoles.

The brothers’ forenames are of Basque origin due to a family connection to the region: their paternal grandfather – an officer in the Civil Guard – was posted to Bilbao and settled in the city, their father grew up there as a result and Iker also lived in the area as a small child before the family relocated to Madrid.

On one occasion as a young child, when he was seven or eight, Casillas forgot to post his father’s football predictions for the weekend; his father had correctly predicted all 15 results, and the family lost out on an estimated €1.2 million (£1 million).

Iker casillas gay

Legendary Spain and Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas on Sunday announced that he is gay and has asked for “respect”. Casillas had taken to Twitter to write, “I hope you respect me: I’m gay.”

The veteran footballer made the announcement a year after separating from sports journalist Sara Carbonero, to whom he was married for five years and the couple had two children together.

Iker casillas : Gay | Carles Puyol | Wife | Heart attack

After making the statement on Twitter, the 41-year-old received a lot of support from his fans, including former teammate and Barcelona legend Carlos Puyol, who replied to him, writing “It’s time to tell our stories, Iker.” However, moments later he deleted the post.

According to a Spanish publication, AS, Casillas’ tweet was in response to all the rumours about his possible relationship with his former sister-in-law Alejandra Onieva. Meanwhile, last month, he was asked if he was dating Gerard Pique’s ex-wife Shakira.

Casillas had drawn curtains on his illustrious career back in 2020 after he had suffered a cardiac arrest while training with his last club, Porto. The Spanish international has won a World Cup, two European Championships, five La Liga trophies and three Champions League trophies during his career of 22 years. He spent the major part of his career at Real Madrid, which he had joined at the age of nine and later went on to win 19 titles with the club while also captaining the side.

Carles Puyol 

Retired Spanish football great Iker Casillas is back in the news for a mysterious tweet that he deleted an hour later.

The world cup winner’s tweet in Spanish translated to: “I hope you respect me: I’m gay.”

Adding to the mystery, his former teammate and another legend of Spanish football, Carles Puyol replied: “It’s time to tell our story, Iker.” He also left heart and blowing kisses emojis at the end of his tweet.

Iker casillas : Gay | Carles Puyol | Wife | Heart attack

Even as the iconic goalkeeper has not come out to explain his tweet or his subsequent reaction, reports from Spain indicate that he was merely responding to rumours regarding his relationships.

Spanish media outlet AS has claimed that Casillas’ tweet was an answer to the rumours that he was in a relationship with actor Alejanndra Onieva.

Casillas split from his wife Sara Carbonero last March. There were several rumours regarding his dating life that reportedly upset Casillas.


SARA CARBONERO was mostly known as Iker Casillas’ wife, however, she is also a very successful sports journalist.

Sara Carbonero was born on February 3, 1984, in the eastern region of Toledo in Spain.

She moved away to study journalism in Madrid and during her last year, she secured an internship with Radio Marca.

Iker casillas : Gay | Carles Puyol | Wife | Heart attack

After securing her degree she took up a full-time position.

Shortly after she joined Telecinco, where she spent the next 15 years fronting various sporting programs, before meeting former Real Madrid and Spain shot-stopper, Iker Casillas, Iker Casillas in 2009.

Her commitment to her ex-husband, urged her to make a move away from Spain, when Casillas joined the Portuguese side Porto in July 2015.

However, it doesn’t mean that her career success stopped there.

Sara took a different direction and created a clothing brand called Fast Love with two of her friends which not only sold clothes but also accessories and beauty products.

Heart attack 

On 1 May 2019, Iker Casillas’s life and career changed forever. The FC Porto goalkeeper was going through his paces in what seemed up until then to be just another normal training session. But it was no such thing.

First, he felt a strange pressure in his chest. Then a sensation of breathlessness. “It was like being at the bottom of a two-metre-deep swimming pool, wanting to get out and not being able to. I was in really serious distress. At first I thought it was an allergy, but the discomfort got much worse”, he admitted at the time.

Iker casillas : Gay | Carles Puyol | Wife | Heart attack

The doctors, who gave him immediate attention, confirmed the unthinkable: Iker was having a heart attack. The captain of the Spanish 2010 World Cup-winning team was rushed to hospital, where he was catheterised, which saved his life — a life that then took a 180-degree turn.

On World Heart Day, Iker reflects with FIFPRO on that experience which led him to retire and immediately get involved in how to help other sportspeople prevent similar problems.

My life has totally changed since I had that problem. To be honest, it’s made me aware of how important it is to have a cardiological checkup every so often, even if you haven’t had any worrying episodes before.

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