Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Georgia & an abortion opponent, paid for his then-girlfriend to have an abortion.

Herschel Walker : Son | Girlfriend | Abortion | Wife

Walker is a former American football running back who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 12 seasons.

Herschel Walker : Son | Girlfriend | Abortion | Wife

Personal information
Born: March 3, 1962 (age 60)        
Wrightsville, Georgia
         Height:          6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight: 225 lb (102 kg)

He is the Republican nominee in the 2022 United States Senate election in Georgia.

Walker played college football at the University of Georgia, where he won the Heisman Trophy as a junior. He spent the first three seasons of his professional career with the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League (USFL) and was the league’s MVP during its final season in 1985.

After the USFL folded, Walker joined the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, earning consecutive Pro Bowl and second-team All-Pro honors from 1987 to 1988.


Herschel Walker’s son Christian Walker blasted his dad’s bid for a Georgia Senate seat by calling him a bad father, a liar and a hypocrite just hours after a news report Monday said the GOP nominee got a woman pregnant and paid for her abortion more than a decade ago.

Herschel Walker : Son | Girlfriend | Abortion | Wife

“I don’t care about someone who has a bad past and takes accountability. But how DARE YOU LIE and act as though you’re some ‘moral, Christian, upright man.’ You’ve lived a life of DESTROYING other peoples lives. How dare you,” Christian Walker wrote in a series of tweets.

“Every family member of Herschel Walker asked him not to run for office, because we all knew (some of) his past. Every single one. He decided to give us the middle finger and air out all of his dirty laundry in public, while simultaneously lying about it,” he added.

The outburst came shortly after The Daily Beast, citing a woman who asked not to be identified because of privacy concerns, published a story saying Walker had urged a woman to have an abortion in 2009 after he got her pregnant. The news outlet said it corroborated the details with a friend who said she accompanied the woman to the procedure.

It also published what the woman said was a “get well” card signed by Walker and said she had provided both the receipt from the abortion clinic and a bank deposit showing an image of Walker’s check reimbursing her for the cost of the procedure.


A woman who asked not to be identified out of privacy concerns told The Daily Beast that, after she and Walker conceived a child while they were dating in 2009, he urged her to get an abortion. The woman said she had the procedure and that Walker reimbursed her for it.

Herschel Walker : Son | Girlfriend | Abortion | Wife

She supported these claims with a $575 receipt from the abortion clinic, a “get well” card from Walker, and a bank deposit receipt that included an image of a signed $700 personal check from Walker.

The woman said there was a $125 difference because she “ball-parked” the cost of an abortion after Googling the procedure and added on expenses such as travel and recovery costs.

Additionally, The Daily Beast independently corroborated details of the woman’s claims with a close friend she told at the time and who, according to the woman and the friend, took care of her in the days after the procedure.

The woman said Walker, who was not married at the time, told her it would be more convenient to terminate the pregnancy, saying it was “not the right time” for him to have a child. It was a feeling she shared, but what she didn’t know was that Walker had an out-of-wedlock child with another woman earlier that same year.

Asked if Walker ever expressed regret for the decision, the woman said Walker never had. Asked why she came forward, the woman pointed to Walker’s hardline anti-abortion position.

Herschel Walker abortion 

Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Georgia and an avowed abortion opponent, paid for his then-girlfriend to have an abortion in 2009, according to a report published Monday in The Daily Beast. Mr. Walker called the claim “a flat-out lie.”

The woman, who The Daily Beast said asked to remain anonymous out of privacy concerns, said that she and Mr. Walker had conceived the child while the two were dating, and mutually agreed not to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Herschel Walker : Son | Girlfriend | Abortion | Wife

She said Mr. Walker, who was not married at the time, reimbursed her for the cost of the procedure, the outlet reported.

But As evidence, the woman provided a copy of a $700 check from Mr. Walker, a receipt from the abortion clinic and a “get well” card from Mr. Walker, The Daily Beast reported. The outlet published a photo of the card with what it said was Mr. Walker’s signature.

 Mr. Walker quickly posted a statement on Twitter and threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against The Daily Beast on Tuesday morning. “I deny this in the strongest possible terms,” he said. “It’s disgusting, gutter politics.”


The retired football player and known ally of former President Donald Trump is currently married to Julie Blanchard.

Despite being married to a high-profile celebrity, Blanchard has been able to keep the majority of her private life out of the media.

Herschel Walker : Son | Girlfriend | Abortion | Wife

It was reported that Walker and Blanchard had been together for over a decade before tying the knot in May 2021, her age and occupation still remain unknown.

While Blanchard doesn’t have public social media accounts of her own, Walker shared photos of himself and Julie at both campaign events and family gatherings throughout August and September 2021

Walker and Blanchard do not have any children together – at least not yet.

Walker, however, has three sons and one daughter.

According to The Daily Beast, “The second of Walker’s previously undisclosed sons was born to a woman living in Texas and is now 13 years old.

“Walker’s other son is 10, and Christian Walker, who has played a major role in Herschel’s political efforts and public persona, is 22.”

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