Herschel Walker again finds himself mired deeper in controversy as a second woman has alleged that she had a six-year relationship with him.

Herschel walker : Second abortion | New woman

Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker made transphobic comments on the campaign trail while attempting to attack Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock.

Herschel walker : Second abortion | New woman

Warnock and Walker recently had a debate where Herschel Walker received immense criticism for bringing out a fake police badge, claiming he works with police officers.

Recently, a former partner of Herschel Walker came out and announced that Herschel Walker paid for her to have an abortion. He has steadfastly denied this claim although there is extensive evidence. Walker has run on a pro-life platform, making this information a direct conflict between his actions and his beliefs.

Walker has continued to promote transphobic ideas, especially in regards to youth athletics, which has been a common conservative talking point.

Herschel walker second abortion 

Another woman has come forward to say Herschel Walker, a Republican Senate candidate in Georgia, drove her to an abortion clinic and paid her to have an abortion she was reluctant to get in 1993.

The woman, who is using the alias Jane Doe, told reporters at a press conference Wednesday that she decided to come forward about her experience after hearing Walker deny an earlier allegation that he paid for a different woman’s abortion.

Herschel walker : Second abortion | New woman

“Herschel Walker is a hypocrite and he is not fit to be a US senator,” the woman told reporters.

Walker has spoken in support of banning abortion without any exceptions, including rape and incest.

The candidate’s apparent hypocrisy was first exposed in a Daily Beast article detailing an interview with an ex-girlfriend who said he paid for her abortion in 2009. The Beast later reported that the woman also had a child with Walker.

Walker, a former University of Georgia football legend, said during a phone appearance on conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt’s show that the first allegation was “totally, totally untrue,” but made a bizarre remark about the matter in general.

“If that had happened, I would have said it, because there’s nothing to be ashamed of there,” Walker said on the show. “You know, people have done that, but I know nothing about it.”

New woman

Former American football star, Herschel Walker, the Republican candidate for the US Senate from Georgia, who has maintained a strong anti-abortion stance, finds himself mired deeper in controversy as a second woman has alleged that she had a six-year relationship with him while he was still married and playing for the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings in the NFL and paid for her abortion when she became pregnant, said a BBC report.

The accuser called Walker “a hypocrite” unfit to be a US senator, even as the high-profile GOP candidate seeks to unseat the Democratic incumbent in Georgia in the mid-term elections next month.

The ex-NFL star, who had denied the first accusation also, called the latest one “foolishness”.

Walker, who is being strongly backed by former US president Donald Trump, is contesting against Democrat Raphael Warnock in November’s mid-term race.

The fresh allegations came to the fore when the second woman, who spoke anonymously over Zoom to reporters, said that Walker pressured her into ending her pregnancy. She also did not appear on camera during the virtual news conference in Los Angeles. 

Both women have not revealed their identity publicly. The woman, named only as “Jane Doe” by her lawyer, told reporters on Wednesday that she had a six-year-long relationship with Walker and that he had driven her to a clinic, reported CBS News.

“He has publicly taken the position that he is about life and against abortion under any circumstance, when in fact he pressured me to have an abortion and personally ensured that it occurred by driving me to the clinic and paying for it,” she told reporters.

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