Herschel Walker, football legend, says he wants to ban abortion, likening it to murder & there should be “no exception” for rape & incest.

Herschel Walker : Paid for abortion | Polls | Net worth

Walker played college football at the University of Georgia, where he won the Heisman Trophy as a junior.

Herschel Walker : Paid for abortion | Polls | Net worth

He spent the first three seasons of his professional career with the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League (USFL) and was the league’s MVP during its final season in 1985.

After the USFL folded, Walker joined the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, earning consecutive Pro Bowl and second-team All-Pro honors from 1987 to 1988.

In 1989, Walker was traded to the Minnesota Vikings, which is regarded as one of the most lopsided trades in NFL history and credited with establishing the Cowboys’ dynasty of the 1990s.

He was later a member of the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants before concluding his career with a second stint on the Cowboys. Walker was inducted to the College Football Hall of Fame in 1999.

Herschel Walker paid for abortion 

Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Georgia and an avowed abortion opponent, paid for his then-girlfriend to have an abortion in 2009, according to a report published Monday in The Daily Beast. Mr. Walker called the claim “a flat-out lie.”

The woman, who The Daily Beast said asked to remain anonymous out of privacy concerns, said that she and Mr. Walker had conceived the child while the two were dating, and mutually agreed not to go ahead with the pregnancy, as Herschel Walker paid for abortion. 

Herschel Walker : Paid for abortion | Polls | Net worth

As evidence, the woman provided a copy of a $700 check from Mr. Walker, a receipt from the abortion clinic and a “get well” card from Mr. Walker, The Daily Beast reported. The outlet published a photo of the card with what it said was Mr. Walker’s signature.

Mr. Walker quickly posted a statement on Twitter and threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against The Daily Beast on Tuesday morning. “I deny this in the strongest possible terms,” he said. “It’s disgusting, gutter politics.”

The development is the latest in a series of potentially damaging reports about Mr. Walker’s personal life since he began his campaign for Senate in 2021.

In June, The Daily Beast reported that Mr. Walker, who has criticized absentee fathers in Black households, had fathered a child out of wedlock. Later that week, the outlet reported on two more children he had not previously mentioned publicly or to his campaign aides.


As a teenage football prodigy, Mr. Walker was pressed to join a fight for civil rights in his hometown. His decision echoes decades later.

The race for a critical Senate seat was in full motion by midsummer, but there were just a few Herschel Walker campaign signs sprinkled around his hometown.

 There were two on the corner by the Johnson County Courthouse, near a Confederate memorial.

The support appeared randomly scattered. But people in Wrightsville saw a dot-to-dot drawing of a racial divide that has shaped Wrightsville for generations — and is now shaping a critical political race with national implications.

“All those campaign materials were in the white community,” said Curtis Dixon, who is Black and who taught and coached Mr. Walker, a Republican, in the late 1970s when he was a high school football prodigy. “The only other house that has a Herschel Walker poster is his family.”

It may not be an exaggeration. In a predominantly Black neighborhood of small homes about a block from where Mr. Walker went to high school, nine people, including a man who said he was Mr. Walker’s cousin, gathered on a steamy Saturday in July to eat and talk in the shade.

No one planned to vote for Mr. Walker. Most scoffed at the thought.

Around the corner, a retired teacher named Alice Pierce said nice things about Mr. Walker’s mother and family, as most people do.

“But I’m not going to vote for him, I’ll be honest with you,” she said.

Net worth 

Herschel Walker is a former professional football player and mixed martial artist who has a net worth of $10 million.

Herschel Walker : Paid for abortion | Polls | Net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million
Date of Birth: Mar 3, 1962 (60 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession: American football player, Athlete
Nationality: United States of America

In April 2022 Herschel released a personal financial report as a candidate for US Senate in Georgia.

According to the report, Herschel claimed at that time to have a net worth ranging between $29 million and $65 million.

The report also claimed Herschel earned $4 million in personal income in the year between December 2020 and December 2021.

By far the largest asset in his financial report is a business called “H. Walker Enterprises LLC,” which Herschel’s report valued at between $25 and $50 million and reportedly produced $3 million in income from 2020 to 2021.

The disclosure form described H. Walker Enterprises LLC as “business consulting and professional services.”

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