Snooker star Gary Wilson throw cue in anger and fume at opponent’s toilet breaks in UK Championship qualifier. Check it out in this article.

Gary Wilson : Snooker | Throw cue | Hair style 

Gary Wilson is an English professional snooker player from Wallsend in North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear.

Gary Wilson : Snooker | Throw cue | Hair style

Born 11 August 1985 (age 37)
Wallsend, United Kingdom
Sport country  England
Nickname The Tyneside Terror
Professional 2004–2006, 2013–present
Highest ranking 17 (December 2019–February 2020, October 2020)
Current ranking 31 (as of 24 October 2022)

After showing promise from a young age, Wilson turned professional in 2004.

He dropped off the tour in 2006 however and didn’t regain his professional status until 2013.

During his time as an amateur Wilson spent time working as a taxi driver, bar man and in a frozen food factory.

Gary wilson snooker 

Wilson started playing snooker aged three and soon started showing promise. At the age of 8 he had already been put into a team performing in the local league, despite some clubs refusing to allow a child to play.

Gary Wilson : Snooker | Throw cue | Hair style

Aged 9, he made his first century, and appeared for the first time at the BBC1’s snooker game show series Junior Big Break: Stars of the Future (he would make two more appearances at the show).

He played exhibition matches with John Parrott and Willie Thorne and defeated Jimmy White and Ronnie O’Sullivan in level matches.

Wilson went on to win a number of national titles, including the UK Under-18 championship twice, and was widely regarded as one of the most promising junior players in the country.

In 2003, Wilson made his international debut at the European U-19’s Championship in Latvia.

The same year he started his professional career by playing Challenge Tour, the second-level professional tour at the time, and won the fourth event in 2004 to finish fourth in the rankings and secure his place on the main tour for 2004–05 season.

Wilson’s biggest achievement that year however was the victory at the World Under-21 Snooker Championship in Ireland.

Gary Wilson : Snooker | Throw cue | Hair style

Having won all seven of his round robin matches, dropping just two frames along the way, he then went all the way to the final, defeating the likes of Pankaj Advani, Aditya Mehta and Liang Wenbo. In the final Wilson saw off Kobkit Palajin with top breaks of 142 and 135 to win 11–5.

Gary wilson throw cue

The Estonian, his nation’s first-ever pro snooker player, claimed the victory in the qualifying match for the tournament.

Wilson is nicknamed the “Tyneside Terror”.

And he lost his temper in the controversial clash at Ponds Forge in Sheffield.

He first vented his anger when Petrov luckily potted a pink with a “triple” after going for the double in the fifth frame.

Gary Wilson : Snooker | Throw cue | Hair style

The huge outsider then put out his hand to apologise for his lucky effort, but Wilson responded by launching his cue to the ground.

He then took his seat, but the drama was far from done.

Wilson conceded the sixth frame as his foe extended his lead to 5-1 in the best of 11 clash. 

Petrov then headed straight out of the arena following the frame, but the Englishman’s anger boiled to the surface again as his opponent took another toilet break.

He initially went back to his seat, but Wilson soon protested with the referee over the frequency of Petrov’s toilet visits. 

Wilson blasted: “He doesn’t need the toilet.

“He’s been the first frame, he’s been the first frame after the interval and he just went again there now – he doesn’t need the toilet.”

Hair style 

Snooker fans have expressed their shock and puzzlement after discovering Gary Wilson sporting what would be fair to say is a rather unusual hair style.

Gary Wilson : Snooker | Throw cue | Hair style

The 2019 World Championship semi-finalist seemed to surprise many fans during his TV European Masters semi-final clash last night with his green spiked Mohawk styled hair on the back of his head.

Many fans took to social media to ask what it was all about, with some saying it looked like a dinosaur.

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