Golf legend Gary Player and his family are in the middle of a dispute which has now taken a legal turn. Check out his net worth.

Gary Player : Sue his grandson | Age | Net worth

Nicknamed the Black Knight, Mr. Fitness, and the International Ambassador of Golf, he is also a renowned golf course architect with more than 400 design projects on five continents throughout the world.

Gary Player : Sue his grandson | Age | Net worth

Player has also authored or co-written 36 books on golf instruction, design, philosophy, motivation and fitness.

The Player Group operates The Player Foundation, which has a primary objective of promoting underprivileged education around the world.

In 1983, The Player Foundation established the Blair Atholl Schools in Johannesburg, South Africa, which has educational facilities for more than 500 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. 

Gary Player sue his grandson 

Gary Player has filed another lawsuit against his own bloodline.

Earlier this year, the 87-year-old Player sued his son, Marc, for selling memorabilia without his permission.

Gary Player : Sue his grandson | Age | Net worth

The Palm Beach Post reports that the golf legend has now also sued his grandson, Damian, who is Marc’s son, with a suit filed in Florida in November.

Already sold in 2021 auctions against Gary Player’s wishes were his 1974 Masters Tournament trophy for $523,483, his South African Open trophy for $48,841, 1965 U.S. Open irons for $17,947, and his golf shoes from his 52nd Masters for $1,171, according to court filings, per the outlet.

Gary Player severed his business relationship with his son Marc in 2019, according to the father’s attorney, Stuart Singer.


Player was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, the youngest of Harry and Muriel Player’s three children. When he was eight years old his mother died from cancer.

  • Age  :  87 years old. 

Although his father was often away from home working in the gold mines, he did manage to take a loan in order to buy a set of clubs for Gary to begin playing golf.

Gary Player : Sue his grandson | Age | Net worth

The Virginia Park golf course in Johannesburg is where Player first began his love affair with golf.

At the age of 14, Player played his first round of golf and parred the first three holes.

At age 16, he announced that he would become number one in the world. At age 17, he became a professional golfer.

Gary Player net worth 

Gary Player’s net worth is estimated to be $250 Million.

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