The 2022 MLB All-Star game is right around the corner. Here is the comparison of Freddie Freeman vs Mike Trout, who is better ?

Freddie Freeman vs Mike Trout , who is better ?

Perhaps the most surprising All-Star snub the MLB saw this year was Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman. Los Angeles picked up Freeman this past offseason and he has since been nothing short of great for the Dodgers.

Through 85 games played for the Dodgers this year, Freeman is batting .304 with a .875 OPS. He is also one of just seven players to have over 100 hits this season.

Freddie Freeman vs Mike Trout , who is better ?

The other six were all named to the All-Star game. He is also on one of the best teams in the MLB, with the Dodgers being 56-29 on the year so far.

The Dodgers are also hosting the All-Star game this season as well.

It is an absolute travesty that we will not see Freddie Freeman participate in the All-Star game at his home stadium.

Despite being unable to compete in the 2022 MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium, Angels star Mike Trout stole the show at Media Day on Monday, announcing he’ll compete and serve as captain for Team USA in the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

“I’m looking forward to playing for our country,” said the three-time American League MVP, who landed on the injured list Monday with left rib cage inflammation. “It means a lot to me and my family to represent our country. It’s going to be awesome to have ‘USA’ across my chest. It really means a lot to me. It’s going to be fun.”

Who is better  ?

Freeman has recorded a batting average of .297 for his time in baseball in addition to 1,034 scored runs and an OPS of .895.

Freddie Freeman vs Mike Trout , who is better ?

During his time in professional baseball, he stepped up to bat 7,087 times and also came through with a hit 1,824 times.

His slugging percentage is .511 in addition to racking up 3,135 bases. In his MLB career, Freeman has drilled 286 baseballs over the fence while driving in 1,003 runs.

He has fanned 1,379 times and has been walked on 822 occasions, which contributes in part to a .385 on-base percentage.


Over the course of the 4,938 at-bats in his career, Trout has recorded a batting average of .303 in addition to having 1,495 base hits as he has gone yard 334 times, as well as 2,884 bases in total and also a .584 slugging percentage.

Trout has earned a free base 904 times while being called out on strikes on 1,312 occasions. He has a total of 1,022 runs and notched 867 RBIs. His on-base percentage sits at .416 and he holds a career OPS of 1.000.

For the season, Freeman is sitting with 65 runs, accrued 62 runs batted in and has earned 15 home runs. He has been struck out 67 times while amassing 201 total bases ,he has tallied an OPS of 0.937 in addition to a slugging % of .539.

Freddie Freeman vs Mike Trout , who is better ?

So far this year, Trout has compiled 55 runs, knocked in 51 runs batted in and has earned 24 home runs. He has gone down swinging 97 times while racking up 169 bases in total. He has compiled an OPS of 0.967 and a slugging percentage of .599, he has walked 39 times and has recorded an on-base percentage of .368. Trout has 76 hits in 282 at-bats for an average at the plate of .270.

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