Shocking video shows Draymond Green violently attacking Jordan Poole, viciously punching him to the ground right in middle of a team practice.

Draymond Green : Jordan Poole video | Punch video

Golden State Warriors’ All-Star Draymond Green threw a punch at teammate Jordan Poole at practice on Wednesday, sources told ESPN.

Draymond Green : Jordan Poole video | Punch video

The two players had been verbally sparring prior to some pushing, which escalated when Green took a swing and made contact with Poole, sources said. Team officials are reviewing the episode.

Poole wasn’t hurt by the punch and completed his workout before leaving the practice floor on Wednesday, sources said.

Green has a history of challenging teammates, past and present, in practice and game settings. It is possible there could be some punishment meted out to Green for escalating the practice encounter Wednesday.

Jordan Poole video 

One day after Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green apologized to the team for punching teammate Jordan Poole during practice, a video of the incident was leaked.

On Friday, a video was released that shows Green standing on the wing during a stoppage in play, while Poole is on the baseline. Green walks over to Poole and bumps him with his chest before Poole shoves Green.

At that point, Green takes a swing with his right hand before both players go to the ground behind the basket while staff members move to break up the fracas.

Poole shoves Green away with two hands, then the Warriors veteran punches Poole in the face, sending him to the ground.

The pair is immediately surrounded by teammates and staff, who break up the fight.

Green expressed his sorrow for the incident Thursday and then departed the facility as the defending NBA champion Warriors practiced without him.

Punch video 

The Golden State Warriors, fresh off of their first NBA championship since 2018, are dealing with a training camp controversy surrounding do-everything forward Draymond Green and high-scoring guard Jordan Poole.

According to reports, Green and Poole got into an altercation recently in practice that saw Green swing at the youngster, although it was unclear what exactly led to the two going at it.

The one thing that was reported — Poole’s attitude during camp as he is on the verge of an extension has been less than ideal — got rebuked by both Steve Kerr and Steph Curry.

And on Friday morning, TMZ published a video of the incident, which appears to show the two players standing on the court, Green accosting Poole, Poole responding by shoving him away, and Green throwing a punch that made Poole hit the deck.

There is still plenty that remains unclear about the incident, particularly what happened or was said between the two players that led to things starting and, eventually, Green throwing a punch. Reports indicated that Green’s actions were going to lead to some sort of internal discipline.

Green has also apologized to the team, and per Kendra Andrews of ESPN, is expected to rejoin them on Saturday after the entire team has a day off on Friday.

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