After a sticky check, Domingo German was ejected from the game The New York Yankees are now Proven cheaters. Check it out here.

Domingo German ejected for illegal sticky stuff.

Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán began to take the mound for the bottom of the fourth after three perfect innings to start the ballgame.

But he was intercepted by the umpiring crew, who inspected his hands and found an illegal foreign substance. Germán was promptly ejected.

Domingo German might have been baffled by his ejection Tuesday for a sticky substance on his pitching hand, but two things were abundantly clear.

“It’s the stickiest hand I’ve ever felt,” said umpire crew chief James Hoye, telling a pool reporter that “it was definitely not rosin,” despite German’s claims.

And the Yankees are in deeper trouble as a pitching staff, with German facing an automatic 10-game suspension.

“That’s Domingo’s responsibility,” manager Aaron Boone said of German’s use of, well, whatever he’s applying to his pitching hand during a start.

“The reality is, we should all have a very good idea what the line is and apparently Domingo crossed it.”

And for the second straight night, the Yankees became steeped in a controversy against the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre.

This is the second time in about a month that Germán got in trouble for sticky stuff. Back on April 15th, he was checked by the Twins, and the crew let him stay in that game. This time, Germán was not so fortunate.

Much like Michael Pineda with pine tar on the 2014 Yankees, Germán kept going back to the well after being told that he couldn’t.

It’s pretty foolish really (not just for his sake but for the team’s as well), but unfortunately not that surprising coming from a guy like Germán.

Domingo German ejected for illegal sticky stuff.

Even beyond the stakes of the current game, where the bullpen now needs to cover more innings than expected, Germán will likely now face a 10-game suspension and the Yankees won’t be able to replace his roster spot (as the Mets and Max Scherzer just demonstrated).

The answer, for now, to who Luis Severino will replace in the rotation has been answered, and it’s not Clarke Schmidt or Jhony Brito. Instead, it’s Germán.

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